How to connect a water heater

Connecting the heater only at first glanceit seems simple. As in any other case, here there are special features, compliance with which will allow this household appliance for many years to please the owners with good work and hot water. Although there are a lot of recommendations on the vast web, a rare article provides all the nuances - one moment is ignored, then the other. We have tried to take this into account and offer a more detailed procedure for the correct operation of the water heater connection. First a bit of theory.

It is known that water is the basis of life. A component of a comfortable life is hot water. It's great, of course, sometimes to visit a bathhouse, but no one will drown it every day, and the rules of hygiene require just everyday bathing. In addition, washing dishes is much more convenient under the tap of hot water pouring from the tap, and not in the basin with dirty liquid. The conclusion is simple - you need a water heater. They can be a gas column or an electrical analogue. Let us dwell on the second, since the connection of a water heater of this type does not require coordination with the services of the gas economy of the locality, in other words, it is cheaper.

There are two varieties of suchdevices - flow and storage. Difference in principle of work. The first ones are heated to the right temperature by cold water passing through them, and the latter is heated by a portion of water, which is then "squeezed out" into a cold water supply system. Connecting a flowing water heater is not simpler and not more difficult - it is different. Such devices are very compact and can be installed even in a small room. In accordance with the instructions, mount the water heater on the base - it can be a wall, sometimes the mixer itself. In contrast to the storage type heaters, the "prototypes" must necessarily be placed near the point of draw-off. In most cases, the rule "one heater - one tap" is true. We draw a line of cold water to it - this will be the feed. The hot branch should go to the tap of hot water on the mixer. This is quite simple, and if the pipelines are not of Soviet times, then the work is done in half an hour. The connection of the water heater is complicated by the fact that it is usually necessary to connect a separate power line to it. The power of such devices starts from 3 kW, so they can not be turned on simply into a household wiring outlet - the branches are not calculated for such loads. They draw a new line directly from the distribution board, put the machine gun. A person unfamiliar with electrical engineering, it is better to invite a specialist.

But the connection of the storage water heater(boiler) can be performed independently. Its electric power rarely exceeds 3 kW and then, this is for models with two heaters. Usually 1,2 - 1,5 kW, which is comparable to a modern iron. If the power cord is not included in the kit, then it must be purchased separately, together with a plug. The minimum permissible cross-section of a copper core is 1 mm square. For networks with grounding, a three-wire cable is required. It is advisable not to interchange the phase, zero and ground - this will ensure the correct functioning of the magnesium anode. Connection points are always indicated (to get access to them, remove the bottom plastic cover of the boiler). If the cord is provided by the manufacturer, it is enough to plug it into the outlet.

Important: Do not turn on the boiler until it is full of water. It is recommended to install a separate circuit breaker or RCD for the heater.

Fastening of the device to the wall is performed with the help ofdowel hooks. Their diameter depends on the capacity of the tank, but not more than the cuts in the mounting plate of the housing. The lower point of the nozzles should be above the mixers.

The water connection is simple - bothThe nozzle is indicated by arrows on the bodies and color (blue for cold water, red for hot water). The safety valve from the kit is first screwed onto the delivery pipe - it prevents possible damage to the tank body when it is excessively heated.

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