Internet setup in five minutes

Internet setup is performed in the very firstturn right after you have installed the operating system on your computer or laptop. After all, without it, it will be impossible to install and update drivers, download the necessary programs for work, etc. Yes, and a computer without the Internet today is hard to imagine. If you do not know how to do this, then you have come to the right place.

internet setting

Initially, it is necessary that you implementphysical connection of your machine to the network. This is done using a network cable, a modem, or a wireless connection. Now we will consider not one specific option for setting up the Internet, but several, because each user connects the computer in different ways.

In the Windows XP operating system, this is done withUsing the Network Setup Wizard. It is located in the "communication" folder in the standard programs section. The Internet is configured on Windows 7 using the Network and Sharing Center. The link to it is in the Control Panel.

This article will describe how to configure the Internet inWindows 7, because this operating system is the most popular today. We go to the control center, click the connection setup. We choose one of the four proposed options:

- Connection to the Internet (wireless, high-speed, telephone).

Internet settings on windows 7

- Configuring the access point and router,telephone connection (it must be selected when accessing through a telephone modem). In this case, we need to know the dial-up number, as well as the login with the password. This information should be provided by the provider who provides Internet connection services. When you enter it, the connection icon will be available in the management window with network connections. By clicking on it, you establish an Internet connection. You can manage this connection using the icon that is located on the notification bar.

- Connection to the workplace in the "virtualnetwork ". This method is used both in corporate environments and by some providers. In this case, we work in the local "lokalka" through a regular channel, and to connect to the Internet, we need to create a "virtual" connection.

At this, the Internet setting is not over yet. In the window that appears, click on the link "connection management", which is located in the left column. Select the connection that was assigned to the network card, and double-click on it. You need to make sure that the device is connected to the network. His status in the window will tell about it. If the connection is not performed, go to the device manager, where we turn on the network card forcibly.

Internet setup in windows 7

The next step is the configuration checkIP addresses. Click the "Properties" button in the network connection window. There it should be displayed that for your connection a real statistical IP-address is assigned, that it is correct and corresponds to all addresses of a certain network, and also to the address in the main gateway, if one exists on the network. Also, there should be specified a parameter for at least one DNS server.

This completes the Internet setup.

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