Hairdressers in Kazan guard your beauty

For some women, a haircut is an opportunity to beself-confident on the street, at home or at work, for others it is an expression of their individuality. Well-groomed hair is better than any words to tell others about their hostess. A properly selected haircut can change not only the image, but also the inner state of a woman.

There is a saying: "Better change your husband than your hairdresser." But first you need to find the same sorcerer with scissors, who can not only understand you, but offer something that really suits you.

Unusual hairdressers of Kazan

Recently, the capital of Tatarstan began to openbeauty salons for the youngest residents of the city. Specially designed design is made so that children are not frightened by the process of cutting, but, on the contrary, became interesting to them.

Young clients are put on special chairs in the form ofmachines, where there are many buttons that distract children, and they do not notice and do not interfere with the work of stylists. Hairdressers of Kazan of this type do everything to make their small clients interesting and fun. For example, in some of them, workers have a fairy-tale uniform. Stylists change and make up the make-up of the famous cartoon characters.

good hairdresser in Kazan

In addition to haircuts, they offer manicure servicesand pedicure. If you brought your child to the debut in his life haircut, then some children's hairdressing salons in Kazan issue a special certificate, which describes the age of your baby and inserted the first cut curl.

Many residents of Tatarstan watch not only thehis appearance, but also for the image of his four-legged friends. Such hairdressers of Kazan for animals as "Give a paw" or "Sheri", in addition to the standard procedure of trimming, wash pets using quality cosmetics, cut their claws, dry and comb the hair. Here, in addition to haircuts, can make a beautiful pattern, paste stones or rhinestones, repaint the animal's fur.

Network of Salons "Raksel"

Having crossed the threshold of this institution, you fall intoA spacious hall, where besides the washing zone there is a diagnostic room. Salon "Raksel" - a place of combining pleasant with useful. While the masters will do various beauty treatments, you can enjoy relaxing music, thus gaining aesthetic relaxation.

If you want to escape from prying eyes, then here for privacy you will be offered a separate closed cabinet.

The recreation area is open for every client "Raksel"and is located on the second floor. Comfortable and stylish interior will help you relax or hold a business meeting. And to complement the whole picture, the salon staff will offer Italian coffee, freshly brewed tea and a wide range of delicacies.

Southern part of the city

Hairdressers in the Volga region of Kazan differ not only in the level of the institution (from luxury to budget), but also in the skill of their employees.

The best of them are located on Victory Avenue. Here, in addition to the standard haircuts, you will be provided with manicure, pedicure.

For example, the hairdresser "Aladiya" (Baki Urmanche street, 6), besides standard procedures, offers SPA procedures, massage, cleansing and peeling of the facial skin.

hairdressers in the Volga region of Kazan

Many Kazanians are pleased with the professionalism of workerssalon "Legrand" (Safiullina street, 50А), where the team of stylists will help to choose the right image for the first date, birthday and even acquaintance with the parents of your chosen one.


A good hairdresser in Kazan, aimed atmale audience, is on the street Profsoyuznaya and in a short time won the recognition of the most stylish guys in the city. Highly skilled masters not only trim their customers with conventional tools, but also offer creative options for changing the image, making them fashionable and elegant. Also here you can beautifully and accurately lay a mustache and beard.

But the workers of Chop-Chop do not consider the institutionbeauty salon. Here no one will conjure you for two hours or 500 times to soap your head with various shampoos and balms. Each master knows his business, and while you are keen on reading fashion magazines GQ or Kommersant, the hairdresser will do his job. While waiting for your turn, sitting at your laptop, you will be offered hot tea, coffee or a "Jägermeister".

hairdresser's Kazan

As for the cosmetics used,wish we can get the money you like right here. Also on sale are butterflies and pocket combs. In general, Chop-Chop is a truly male territory, where everything is created exclusively for the stronger sex.

The sleeping area of ​​the city

Hairdressers in Kazan (Sovetskiy district, inparticular) are located almost at every corner. This neighborhood makes the owners not only keep a high level of services provided, but also develop marketing plans to attract customers. It is pointless to talk about each of them (the total number exceeds 50), since the procedures are almost the same everywhere, so we'll stop at the best hairdresser's, according to clients.

Salon "Matis" - one of those that work onprinciple "to the last client". Here you will be offered any procedures concerning hair, nails, face, and a beautiful tan even in the cold winter you will get in their modern equipped solarium.

hairdresser's in the Kazan area

As you can see, there are many hairdressing salons in Kazan, in which hundreds of craftsmen work every day. Therefore, every beautiful woman will be able to find her own stylist, who will be able to translate her wishes.

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