How to make anti-aging masks yourself?

Aging is inevitable. It manifests itself in everything. After all, all the processes in the body change significantly with age. And, unfortunately, not in the best way. In addition, the environment, constant stress and a terrible environmental situation leads to the fact that wrinkles begin to appear very early.

First there are small mimic wrinkles. Every year they become more. In addition to all the skin is not so ruddy, elastic and beautiful. Therefore, any woman tries to keep her youth. There are several options:

  • Use new cosmetic technologies, which are offered in professional clinics. Among them, injections, massages, the use of special devices, and sometimes even surgery.
  • The simplest and most economical way is to use cosmetics. They are made even at home. And especially popular here are rejuvenating masks.

Make a mask is simple enough. There are quite a lot of different recipes. Fruit, eggs, vegetables, and dairy products can also be used. Only there are recipes that have already been tested by time. These face masks, rejuvenating at home, will effectively help a woman look attractive and well-groomed.

Potato mask

Potato rejuvenating masks have the opportunitydo specifically or during cooking for the household. To do this, you simply need to plan for lunch a mashed potato, part of which is suitable as an amazing juvenile. It is necessary to apply the cooled mashed potatoes thinly on the skin, for about a quarter of an hour. Then you need to wash everything off. In addition to the fact that the mask smoothes the skin, it also nourishes it.

Milk mask

Very popular are milk rejuvenating masks. Some unusual ingredients for their preparation are not required. Each woman finds them in her refrigerator. So, you need to spoon the flour with milk, until you get sour cream. 1 yolk is driven into this mixture. The resulting mass is applied to the face. Keep it for 20 minutes. And then you need to thoroughly wash off the mask. For this, you must add lemon juice to the water. With the help of such a composition, the elasticity of the skin and its healthy appearance are ensured.

Egg mask

For the next anti-aging mixture will take 1chicken egg, a small spoonful of lemon juice and literally a couple drops of oil (of course, vegetable). The protein is separated from the yolk. It is thoroughly beaten with a fork to saturate with oxygen, and it is applied to the face for 3 minutes, after all it is necessary to wash off with warm water.

The second stage of the mask is the application of yolk, inwhich is already added butter and lemon juice. This mixture is applied for 20 minutes, and then cleaned with a cool water. This home remedy helps to avoid the very first and basic signs of aging, which are small wrinkles and imminent flaccidity.

Unique vegetable mask

A great effect can be achieved if you dosuch rejuvenating masks as often as possible. It will be required to take leaves of lime, yarrow, strawberry, plantain and currant. All crushed and slightly diluted with water to make a mash, which is applied in the form of a mask. 15 minutes and get rid of the mixture with warm water.

Mask from wrinkles at home

Smooth skin will help a simple mask from the teaspoons of honey, egg whites, 2 spoonfuls of bio-yogurt, and a couple of drops of lavender oil. Literally for 10 minutes to leave the mask on the face. At the end of the procedure, the mixture is washed off with water.

Mask of yeast

To apply a good pull-up mask,dilute the yeast with water until a fairly thick mixture is obtained. It adds a few drops of sunflower oil. This mask is applied to the skin in 3 stages. As soon as the first layer dries, the second layer is applied, etc. After about 25 minutes, the entire remedy is completely rinsed off with warm water.

Whichever rejuvenating mask a woman does, they will always help her maintain her natural beauty. And some even in a few minutes will help to transform to an important event.

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