Connecting an electric stove: with your own hands or invite a specialist?

Electric stoves were born much latergas, but have already managed to gain a firm position in the market. Such boards have a more perfect design, have a wide range of additional features and functions. An important plus is also the fact that the connection of the electric stove, unlike the gas stove, can be done by our own efforts.

Plate connection
It should be noted that the connection of electric cookersat home requires certain knowledge and skills. From the correct implementation of this process depends on the length of the period during which your equipment will work without interruption. For the introduction of the plate in the first place, it is necessary to lay a separate cable, which will be connected directly to the shield.

On the back of each electric stove is depictedconnection diagram. It can be single-phase, two-phase or three-phase. Currently, most plates have a single-phase connection scheme, so you will need a three-wire cable. Specialists recommend using a cable with a copper core with a diameter of at least 4 mm2.

Once you have laid the cable, you can startdirect connection of the electric stove. Before doing so, we advise you to read the instructions for the electrical appliance. For connection to the electric cable, the shoe has six contacts. In order to be connected to a single-phase 220 V network, you need to set jumpers according to ground, phase and zero. If you are an amateur in this business, it is advisable to contact an electrician, because this will determine the fate of not only your household electrical appliances, but all the electrical wiring, if you do something wrong.

connection of electric stove
The socket for the cooker should be installed next to theit is not recommended to include any other devices in it. Connecting the cooker is carried out in a socket with three contacts, which should support a current of 25-30 A. The outlet must be connected to the previous cable.

The cable contains wires of different colors. The blue wire is connected to "zero", the black wire to the "phase", the yellow-green to the "ground". Now you can connect the stove to the socket, after having set it to the level.

Then you need to check: between the "ground" and the "phase" there should be no contact (ohmmeter when selecting mode 2 MOh shows the sign "infinity"); the resistance between the "zero" and the "phase" must be within 4-10 ohm (checked at all positions of the plate switches with the ohmmeter mode at 100 ohms).

built-in cookers
Built-in plates are connected in the same way,However, this process requires more accuracy, since the correct installation of this device with respect to other kitchen furniture is of great importance for its operation.

It should be noted that the connection of the platepreferably entrusted to an experienced electrician. So you can be sure that everything is done right. Another argument in favor of this: according to statistics, most of the electric stoves get in repair precisely because of improper connection and commissioning. Typically, stores specializing in the sale of electrical equipment, have in their staff experienced staff who will help you connect and install the cooker qualitatively and in a short time. Therefore, we advise you to invite such a specialist and enjoy the preparation of delicious dishes on your brand new stove.

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