Chalk for hair: reviews, colors, how to use

Hair chalk is a multi-colored pastel,A special composition that colors curls in any color. This product will be especially interesting for girls who tend to constantly change their appearance and yet do not want to dye their hair radically. For some half an hour you can turn your hair into a bright kaleidoscope of all kinds of shades, and the next day appear before everyone with a natural hair color.

What are crayons for hair? They are a kind of colored pastel, which is characterized by a less convenient method of application and a lower cost. When working with such chalks are often spoiled hands, so it's better to use gloves or put a cellophane bag on your hands.

chalk for hair reviews

Stylists recommend that girls who possess dark hair use shadows, as they will give a brighter color.

What are the crayons made of?

A set of crayons for hair can be of two types: consisting of oil shades or shadows from dry pastels. Dry pastel is made by pressing from a coloring pigment, and mineral oil (linseed oil) is added to the oil pastel during the manufacturing process.

Quality products in its composition has a protective complex for hair, which will soften and nourish the hair. This will minimize the already little damage from staining.

Shade-crayons surpass dry in simplicityapplication, but significantly lose in color and value. Chalks are sold at a price of 130 rubles for one color. They are easier to put on curls due to their texture. A set of 6 dry chalks on average can be bought for 300-400 rubles. If you want to purchase them per piece, then pay 60-90 rubles.

crayons for hair how to use

The cost of crayons for hair depends on the amountcolors in the set. A small palette will cost about 400-600 rubles. Professional hair chalk, reviews on which is much better, is much more expensive, but it is almost completely harmless, and even a child will be able to use it.

How to choose chalk for dyed curls?

In the modern market of hair care products, there are a great variety of hair pastels. What is the difference? Texture, composition and color spectrum.

Composition of crayons

The composition of the pastel hair can be strikingdiffer. So, if the curls are brittle and dry, then it is better to pick up the vitaminized preparation, and the strands are processed with means that soften the hair. Strong and healthy curls you can paint without a twinge of conscience any chalks, even if they do not contain any useful additives.

In order for the harm from dyeing the hair to beis minimal, it is better to dye hair with the means of famous brands. For example, to buy chalks for hair Hot Huez. In doing so, try to choose products with useful additives: vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that help restore the curls.

how to dye your hair chalk


We have already mentioned that, by the type of application of crayonsare bold and dry. Dry crayons are pencils, and fatty - boxes with pigment, which in consistence resembles creamy shadows. Fat products are much more convenient to use than dry ones, since they do not require wetting of the strands before applying the color. They will not last as long as dry, and they are much more expensive at cost.

Color spectrum

The assortment of pastels for hair is great andvarious. Each girl will be able to choose the optimal color for herself. Confident young girls choose bright and rich colors, while older ladies prefer standard shades.

So, crayons for hair: how to use different colors?

Brown-haired can lighten the head of hair with the help of golden and white crayons, and for blondes recommend a chalk of black or gray tones.

Hair Crayons: How to use?

So, you have chosen the best option for yourself. But here's the question: how to dye your hair chalk?

Pastel is applied to clean hair, which inthis day has not yet touched the air conditioning. Spread an unnecessary old towel on your shoulders, so as not to spoil the dress, and lightly wet your hair. This procedure will facilitate the application of color. Next, you need to twist the strand into a bundle and draw it fine from the top down. Done! You can dry the hair with a hair dryer and sprinkle with varnish, without combing your hair!

crayons for hair color

Crayons for hair on the hair: how much do they hold?

As practice shows, painted pastelstrands "hold" the color for about 1-2 days. However, experts do not recommend wearing such a hairstyle for longer than 8 hours, since it dries your hair very much, especially if you used an iron or varnish.

Hair Pastels: What are the benefits?

Chalk for hair, consumers' reviews on which are mostly positive, has the following advantages:

  • it is non-toxic and does not damage the hair structure;
  • allows you to dramatically change the appearance in just a few minutes;
  • is washed off for 1-2 head washes;
  • easy to use;
  • has a rich color palette.

crayons for hair color

How to wash off?

Experts recommend to wash the hair pastel with ordinary shampoo. If diligently soap up the painted curls, the color will wash off for 1-2 washing.

If you have blonde hair and in the process of applyingpigment you wetted strands, then dyeing crayons for hair can not wash with hair immediately. Dont be upset! Pigment does not stay in the hair structure forever! The pastel is washed in 2-3 days.

After you have washed off the paint from the hair, use a mask or balm that will moisturize your hair so that it does not dry out. Excellent fit olive mask.

What else is important to know?

  1. Experts recommend that you wash off pastel before you go to bed, because your hair can stain the bed.
  2. Crayons for hair, the colors of which are very diverse, it is necessary to choose, depending on the natural color of the curls.
  3. Light brown, black and chestnut strands are better to paint in bright turquoise, purple, green and purple hues.
  4. Light strands decorate red, pink and lilac tones.
  5. Better refuse to do chalk hair for your own hands, if you do not want to make the head of life lifeless and dull.

hair chalks hot huez

Chalk for hair: reviews

Opinions of girls about experiments with paintingcurls in this way are predominantly positive. A new trend is to use hair chalk. Reviews fashionistas say that dyeing hair in this way is extremely easy and not costly. Crayons are easily washed off and do not harm the hair, if used in moderation, according to the attached instructions. Quick change of image is a hair chalk! Reviews can also be negative: for example, on several sites you can meet the opinions of girls that if they bought hair crayons and, without reading the instructions, used them, then two weeks of daily dyeing hair was heavily overdried. In such a case, the curative procedures will be required. Still girls notice, that the paint spoils clothes, therefore it is not necessary to put on white T-shirts. But, as you can see, if you follow the rules described above, your hair will be bright and healthy!

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