Colorful hair to create a vivid image

If you want to be at the partyattention, letting in his life bright colors, then colored hair can be the best option, capable of producing the most grandiose impression on others. In this case, individual curls can be painted in bright and audacious tones. After this, the image will become expressive and bold. Of course, for the ordinary life this kind of style is unlikely to be appropriate, but on vacation with his help will be able to spend unforgettable days. Currently, colored strands of hair try to get by toning, so that the harm from the paint was minimal. In addition, with this option, flushing is much easier.

Colorful hair
Less commonly used is a colored hair dye. It was replaced by chalking - one of the latest tendencies in the field of toning. The process does not represent anything complicated, and you can do all the actions yourself. First a small strand is twisted into a bundle to achieve a good color. A strip is drawn along the chalk that is gathered in a bundle. Surplus is eliminated by a special brush with natural pile. To preserve the short-term effect, experts advise not to apply chalk to light curls that have not been dried.

Color Hair Dye
That the colored hair does not look likeannoyingly and defiantly, it is necessary to choose the right color, especially if a special paint is used for different tones. Acquire only high-quality products that do not harm the hairline. If you want to paint a light hair, then you can use not very persistent paint. Otherwise, it is necessary to give preference in favor of stable analogs. The process of staining can be prolonged for a long period, because you will have to use colors of different shades.

Color strands of hair
It's much easier to get colored hair usingartistic dry crayons with pastel colors. Carrying out painting in this way, it is best to cover the clothes with a film or put them on those things that will not later be pitied. It is also recommended to cover the floor with newspapers, so that it does not have to be laundered after the completion of the process. Having dyed hair with crayons, it is advisable to avoid light clothes, since spots may appear on it. Experiment with the color scale is possible within the same strand. Thus, the hairdo is able to start playing with rainbow colors.

At any time, colored hair will be possible with easewash away, if properly perform all the actions. First of all, all the hair should be carefully combed with a brush containing natural nap. A significant part of the pigment will fly off before washing. After this procedure, you can wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner. The use of the latter means is necessary, since the chalk to some extent overdry rills. If everything is done correctly, then at the party the owner of a multi-colored hairstyle will differ in originality. However, the regular application of this technology can deprive the hair of moisture and render them lifeless.

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