Connecting an amplifier for better sound quality

Connecting the amplifier to the car stereo -the task is simple, even a beginner can cope with it. The main thing is to get all the necessary tools and details that will be needed to install this system, and then the sound quality in the car will noticeably improve, become more perfect and clean.

In the machines of the new plan, as a rule, connectamplifier is produced in the manufacture, therefore, the independent installation of this device is most often required for models of earlier years of production. Also worth noting that the amplifiers are different, and choosing such devices in the store, it is worth to start from the brand and model of the radio itself. So, the technique will be in accordance with each other, and the result will be a clean and beautiful sound.

Connecting the amplifier

So, in order to connect the amplifier waspossible, you need materials such as a cord, through which the amplifier will be powered by battery power, an adapter for connecting the device directly to the radio, as well as a fuse and fasteners with which it will be nailed.

Do not forget that the amplifiermust match not only the radio, but also the power of the motor and battery. If the device is too new and designed for high power levels, it may not be activated in an old type machine. Conversely, if the amplifier does not need a lot of power, and the car has a large reserve, the device will constantly overheat, resulting in all the fuses blowing out, and it will soon fail.

Connecting the amplifier to the radio

Connecting the amplifier assumesPre-connection of the fuse. Its value should be slightly larger than the maximum current indicator characteristic of the battery. A fuse is installed on a special flask, and if it is found that this is in an unusable state before the process, the part must be replaced urgently. Otherwise, not only the fuse with the amplifier, but also the radio itself, can suffer.

Connecting the car amplifier has somethinggeneral with a similar procedure, which is performed on ordinary musical centers. In order for the technician to activate, it must be connected with a special cable with the sound source itself, that is, with the radio tape recorder. Similar work will be successful if appropriate connectors are found in which the wires will be filled. The adapter cable is connected to the line output, which is available both on the amplifier and on the radio.

Connecting the car amplifier

After the amplifier connection and connectionit with other details of the car is completed, it is important to attach the power cable to it. It's easy, since the connector for it is the biggest, and even a child can find it. The cord is connected to the fuse, which, in turn, is connected to the battery, and after that you can assume that the case is "in the hat." It is advisable after all procedures to check the efficiency of the amplifier and its compatibility with the radio and car in advance, before the car will be on the road. If the amplifier is successfully connected, there will be no malfunctions in its operation.

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