Acquaintance with the company "Mike Loris"

Cosmetics... Its diversity on the market is full of multicolored bottles, among which it's sometimes so easy to get lost. However, today we will consider the features of cosmetics, which you can not buy just in the store. Let's talk about the products of the company "Mike Loris".

mike loris

About the manufacturer

Despite its foreign name, "MikeLoris "is a domestic company that appeared on the market in 2003. At first it was called the "Southern region", since its first six offices were located on the territory of the Southern Federal District. However, in two years the company owned ten offices not only in the southern, but also in the central part of Russia. Under the brand "Mike Loris" cosmetics was published in 2006.

In less than ten years the company has significantly expanded, today in 19 regions of Russia there are 35 offices. In 2013, the company could already offer customers more than 80 products.

mike loris cosmetics

Principle of operation

The products, produced under the brand name "Mike Loris"is in demand not only in Russia, but also is forwarded by postal services abroad. The company prefers to distribute products through direct sales. The essence of such sales is that the consumer buys the goods not in the store, but from representatives of the firm who know the specifics of their cosmetics well and can directly discuss them with the buyer. This style of work of the company "Mike Loris", whose cosmetics has become so widespread, allows the buyer to learn first-hand information about the nature and range of purchased products.

Cosmetics for all occasions

The company offers a wide range of cosmetics formake-up and skin care. For example, gel-peeling, gel for washing, two-phase means for removing make-up, restoring and rejuvenating creams are available for face care. There is also a wide variety of masks: with an extract of green tea, roses, with sea collagen, hyaluronic acid, with coenzyme Q10.

To care for the legs, you can use anti-varicose gel, a set for rough skin, a refreshing spray, a gel to restore the mobility of joints and a phytocream with a mummy.

mike loris reviews

Line of products for make-up allows you to find everything,that the girls prefer to see in their cosmetics: a foundation, a moisturizing cream with a tonal effect, contour pencils with various shades, a palette of shadows, liquid lipsticks and lip gloss, eyeshadow, compact powder, blush, eyebrow pencils, waterproof and voluminous mascara, eyeliner, eyeliner, as well as nail polish.

For hair care, "Mike Loris" offersbuyers shampoo with placenta, with henna, white clay and indelible cream-balm with placenta extract. A series of hygiene products has also been released: intimate gels, an antiseptic hand cream, and toothpaste and rinses for oral care.

Without it, nowhere

It is necessary to consider separately the means for a make up,to which many women are very demanding - mascara. In the assortment of products from the company "Mike Loris" mascara is presented in several variants: for volume creation, and also waterproof. According to the manufacturer, the bulk mascara is created by a formula containing special waxes and spherical pigments. The cosmetic agent envelops every cilium, which helps to increase the volume by 500%. Increase the density of eyelashes and the effect of thickening are nylon fibers, and the brush separates the cilia and helps to apply mascara without lumps. An excellent feature of this product is also the fact that mascara can easily be washed off by simply using warm water.

mike loris mascara

Waterproof mascara from "Mike Loris" is a hit of sales and allows you to achieve the maximum volume and bend of eyelashes in a short time, which is very useful even for a busy rhythm of life.

Let's study impressions

Wishing to be convinced of efficiency of usecosmetics "Mike Loris" reviews of those who have already used it, can tell a lot. Many note, for example, that the brush is silicone and thin, so that the ink extends well, divides the eyelashes, gives them volume and is really not afraid of the rain. From other reviews you can find out that mascara really gives volume without lumps, and since it contains wax, it is easily washed off.

Now about eyeliner. Many people like that the brush is hard, and the eyeliner is applied easily, the color is saturated black, even with a glossy effect. Judging by the words of thankful users, some years they use this cosmetics and are not going to change something.

And finally - about perfume

Among dozens of products, "MikeLoris "perfume just can not get lost, because they attract a stylish design and a variety of fragrances for both women and men. For example, lovers of marine motifs will like the flavor of Dreams of Love, the basis of which is the fragrance of sea freshness with a delicate combination of a flower bouquet. In the upper notes of the perfume there is a green lilac, mint and reed, and notes of the heart - white peach, water lily, violet, rose and amaryllis.

mike loris perfume

The male flavor of Black Pearl will appeal to those wholikes citrus, spicy and woody notes. Try it, at first you can feel the shades of bergamot and grapefruit. In the notes of the heart there are cardamom, extract davana, incense and cedar.

This acquaintance with the company "Mike Loris" can be completed. Having studied the principles of its work and a wide range of products, you can understand what it attracts so many consumers.

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