How to apply a foundation

Virtually all women and girls carefullytake care of their makeup every day. Some make-up pay very much attention and before every exit on the street are painted. But this is very damaging to the skin of the face and eyelashes, so in everything you need to know the measure. In order to understand how to properly apply a foundation, you need to decide on the choice of options and textures that will suit you more.

Many believe that the first stage of makeupis a foundation or foundation, but this is confusing. First you need to apply a moisturizer, because these products dry the skin. Then put a tonal basis. It is necessary in order to make the complexion even, but not to change the natural. That's why you need to choose the right shade. It should be as close as possible to the natural tone of the face.

How to properly use a foundation canto explain the cosmetologist. They work in beauty salons. Also, do not neglect the advice of makeup artists. But it is unlikely that consultants in stores and supermarkets will prompt how to correctly apply a tonal basis. Nobody taught them this and all their advice is based on personal experience, which may not be true.

Choose the color best in daylight andBefore buying, do not use an old foundation. pick the right shade will be much more difficult. If your skin has some flaws, such as pimples or inflammation, then such a disguise will not be enough. Before correctly applying a foundation, you need to take corrective measures.

If you want to maintain health and vivacity of the skinface, then you need to periodically massage your face. This can be done during the rendering. By the way, if you did not use tonal bases earlier, then light textures will be the best option. However, over time, you may like and heavier and dense compounds. In order to answer the question "How to apply a foundation", it is necessary not only to choose the optimal shade and texture, but also to learn the massage lines on the face.

Also worth paying attention to the neckclothes, because all the tones perfectly color it. And, although these spots are not caustic, but look ugly. So, we found out how to correctly apply a tonal basis - on massage lines. On the forehead, they pass from the nose to the line of hair growth and the temples along a straight line. On the eyelids - from the nose to the outer corners of the eyes. On the nose - from the rib of the bridge of the nose along the wings, from the nose - from top to bottom. Cheeks - from the nose to the line of hair growth and ears. On the chin they pass from the middle to the edges of the cheekbones. The question of how to properly use a foundation does not only include the face, but also the neck, the decollete zone. Massage lines in these areas pass the same way as on the chin - from the middle to the edges.

So, how to apply the foundation properlyfound out, but where to start? It is better to start with the cheeks. After applying the cream, you need to shade it along the hair growth line, without affecting them, because the tool will change their color. The eyelids also tint before using the shadows. Lips can be left untouched, but lipsticks and, especially liquid shines, are better superimposed on the tone and last longer.

Now let's look at some tonal basis. They are produced in a spray, in the form of a cream and compact powder. The option that is right for you to advise is impossible. This is tested by experience. It is also impossible to name the best manufacturing companies, because prices and textures are very different.

How to properly apply a tonal basis isa question not only about a cream, but also in general about the means leveling a complexion. Powder is applied over the tonal. This approach to make-up makes the face more natural and matte. You can choose a powder with a flicker effect. It will also perfectly color the complexion. In the version of the cream powder, no additional layers are needed except the moisturizer.

Love your skin and give it proper nutrition and then no tonal basis you will not need.

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