White spot on the nail - reasons and treatment

Hair, skin and nails act inas indicators of our health. If the work of all organs is debugged, then the person has beautiful skin, radiant hair, smooth strong nails. In the event that some body fails, it immediately reflects on the appearance and condition of the skin, hair, nails. If the nails become brittle, dull or a white spot appears on the nail, it is a signal that you should listen to the needs of the body. The spots on the nails cause many aesthetic discomfort, because such a nail is visually perceived as untreated and ill, so many hide such nails under a thick layer of dark varnish. If you do this, it will simply ignore the problem, not its solution. If there is a white spot on the nail, you must first determine the causes of its appearance and proceed to treatment. The reasons for the appearance may be several:

- a metabolic disorder, a deficiency of minerals and vitamins;

- stresses, malfunctions of the nervous system, increased emotional excitability;

- fungal infection;

- problems with the kidneys or cardiovascular system.

Usually a white spot on the nail indicates a deficitcertain substances, which is the reason for the appearance of such specks on children's nails. Women often encounter such a problem immediately after childbirth. White spots on the child's nails gradually go away when he begins to receive the necessary nutrients. Experts are convinced that the most common cause of this phenomenon is the imbalance of certain substances in the body, in particular, minerals and vitamins. In this regard, if you do not suffer from any special diseases, you do not have problems with the nervous system, then the treatment can be completely limited to taking a complex of minerals and vitamins. It does not hurt to balance your diet, supplementing with vegetables and fruits. You can actively take vitamin complexes containing vitamins A, E, C, as well as zinc, calcium, iron. Some doctors call the lack of zinc in the body the primary cause of spots on the nails.

If white spots on the nails appeared on yourthe background of diseases of the kidney or heart, the reasons for their appearance and the order of treatment should be determined by the therapist leading the observation. In this case, the spots serve as an alarm signal about the aggravation of a disease, so the vitamin complex is unlikely to help, and self-medication can only aggravate the situation. If you have these spots in a healthy lifestyle and no chronic diseases, then you are most likely in a state of constant stress, excessively emotionally endure your failures and suffer from depressive moods. In this case, it is best to seek help from a neurologist, you can drink a course of sedatives, and you can also take a vitamin complex for an organism that is experiencing nervous exhaustion. A white spot on the nail may appear as a result of the effects of a fungal infection. In this case, you should seek help from a dermatologist. In fungal lesions, in addition to pigmentation, there is also a thickening of the nail, a noticeable change in its color. Do not try to get rid of the fungus yourself, as local procedures can only bring temporary relief or worsen the condition of the nail. In addition to prescribing medicinal ointments in the presence of fungus, the dermatologist also prescribes a set of drugs that help to cure the nail from the inside. Often spots appear as a result of damage to the nail, in this case the doctor's observation or special procedures are not required, the stain disappears after the nail is cut.

It is important to remember that nails are one of the indicators of health, so you need to be careful with them.

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