Cuticle file: why is it needed?

Well-groomed hands and perfect manicure is liketime, to which every representative of the fair sex aspires. The cuticle file appeared in beauty salons not so long ago, but has already become an excellent alternative to edging manicure. After all, such a nail file makes it possible to remove only dead tissue, while eliminating possible cuts and formations of hangnails.

Cuticle file: what is its advantage?

a file for a cuticle

Masters have long recognized that the use ofSpecial nail files significantly improves the quality of manicure. The nail file acts like a pumice stone - it literally erases the dead layers of the cuticle, freeing the nail plate. Living and healthy tissues remain untouched.

As the fabrics are cut, the risk of damage and cuts is reduced to zero. In addition, the probability of transmission of infectious and fungal diseases decreases.

The use of a nail file is convenient and that there is nothe need for steaming tissues. First, you need to carefully pull the cuticle with an orange stick, then treat with a saw. Next, you need to apply a nourishing cream or vegetable oil to the skin around the nail. During this manicure, the nail plates themselves are not damaged.

Nail file for cuticle and its variety

To date, cosmetic companies produce many models of saws. Such adaptations can be made of completely different material.

cuticle laser file

  • A wooden file for the cuticle is made asusually from orange wood. With its help, the tissues are easy to push and clean the lower part of the nail plate. Thanks to the properties of wood, such a nail file does not split, does not leave a rolling pin and does not scratch the nail surface. It is intended for individual use.
  • The plastic file is also quite effective,since it allows you to move the cuticle down, remove the dead layers, without injuring the nail and healthy tissues. Such an adaptation can also be used for home manicure, since it does not require specific skills of use. A plastic blade is easy to sterilize.
  • A metal file for the cuticle refers toprofessional tools of the master. This kind of nail files requires some experience and skills, so for self-use is not recommended. By the way, this file is used not only for cuticle treatment, but also for care of the nail plate itself.
    laser saw
  • Laser cuticle at one time becamea real discovery. This model consists of a metal body with perforations, which are filled with diamond dusting. It is used by professional masters of manicure, but can be used for home nail care. A laser file allows you to quickly remove dead tissue and give the nail plate the necessary shape. Of course, these models are distinguished by a relatively high cost. On the other hand, their shelf life can reach ten years, even with regular use.

It is worth noting that every year famous companies produce new, improved models, so every woman will be able to pick something suitable for quality and price.

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