Perfume "Yves Rocher": reviews

Perfumery - one of the components of the image is notonly women, but also men. Therefore, it is so important to choose exactly its fragrance, which will organically complement the wardrobe and ladies makeup. With your favorite toilet water, any person feels comfortable and easy.

spirits of willows
A good reputation in Russia was won by the Frenchthe spirits of "Willows Roshe". After all, this company is famous not only for its natural cosmetics, but also for various aromas that conquer sophistication and uniqueness.

History of the French brand

Today, almost everything is known about the company "Yves Rocher". Its products are distributed in 80 countries of the world, and catalogs are translated into 20 different languages. Such an international status speaks eloquently of the popularity and quality of perfumes. In the fans of the famous brand there are 30 million people worldwide.

But at one time no one even imagined that the sonhatter will be able to create a great cosmetic empire. History of the company began with the fact that Yves Rocher in the attic of his own house, without any equipment, created his first cream, where the main component was the extract of celandine. That was 55 years ago.

In those years, the famous master of fashion and stylewas the mayor of a small town. To provide local residents with work, a cosmetic firm was opened. Already then the main principle of the company was determined - to use only vegetable raw materials in production.

First, the products were sent by mail. In 1961 the first catalog was issued, and in 1969 the first brand store was opened. So began the development of the famous brand today.

At present the company does not depart from its basic postulates. Also produced products from natural raw materials, which you can buy through the catalog or in the corporate store.

spirits willow in rosche vanilla

Most of all in the perfume brand attractsaffordable price for all products. Despite the fact that the cost of raw materials is high enough, the prices for products are affordable to anyone. This is due to the unique business model that the Fashion House "Yves Rocher" adheres to. The company acts in 3 ways: raw material supplier, producer and distributor.

Flavors from the Fashion House

The spirits of "Willows Roshe" could not be left aloneindifferent. Cute flakonchiki at least once visited the dressing table of any fashionista. And for some, they have become favorites in the world of perfume. The brand "Yves Rocher" is good because among its assortment everyone can find his smell. The main thing is not to hurry up and do not despair if some flavor does not suit you. There is also another, no less refined and elegant, which on your skin will reveal the chord of notes you have long dreamed of.

What are the criteria for choosing the spirits of "Yves Rocher"? Here you should pay attention to a few nuances.

  • Character. If you are active and energetic, you will ideally approach sea aromas, fresh and at the same time fascinating. Good will look and notes of citrus. The same ladies who prefer a measured way of life, thoroughness and sluggishness, can safely choose rich musky smells. They fascinate with their stability and stability. But sensual natures, accustomed to conquer and seduce, will certainly come to delight from piquant oriental aromas, sweet and attractive.
  • Age. For young ladies, the light floral scents will come in handy. They will emphasize youth and cheerfulness, a thirst for discovery. But the ladies of Balzac's age, elegant, stylish, with irrepressible love of life, it is better to choose the spirits "Willows Roshe" with notes of musk and sandal, spicy and charming.

Despite all the variety of flavors, there are a few fashionable women of fashion who liked almost everything. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Spirits "Vanilla" ("Willows Roshe")

This perfume for those who love delicious, edible smells.

perfume willow rosche reviews
The aroma is sweet, but, oddly enough, it can not becall sugary. And after all pure vanilla chords, frankly, an amateur. However, the spirits of "Willows Roshe" "Vanilla" - a pleasant exception. They are gentle and fresh. Yes, at first the aroma is saturated, but after a while it acquires a modest softness, which, like a cloud, surrounds its possessor.

In this line there are several varieties. For example, "Black Vanilla". This variation is a saturated mix. Sensual vanilla from the Mascarene Islands harmoniously intertwines with the floral notes of vanilla from Tahiti, and completes this marvelous cocktail with a woody and spicy shade of vanilla from Uganda.

The spirits "Evidence" ("Willows Roshe")

Leaves of violets and green hazel give a delightfulfreshness, emphasizing the youth of the soul. They are replaced by fragrant jasmine and unpretentious lily of the valley, bringing their accents to the sound of the smell. Unusual spiciness and languor flavor give musk and praline. Together, this ensemble sounds perfect.

Spirits Willow Rosh Evidence

The spirits of "Yves Rocher" "Evidence" belong to the categorychypre. They perfectly mix with the smell of the skin and become an inseparable part of the image. The brand also produces dry perfumes, which are very convenient to carry in a purse.

Perfume "Natyurel" ("Willows Roshe")

Aroma is great for daily useuse. In each drop the aura of spring freshness pulsates. These spirits personify carelessness and easy attitude to life. They are distinguished by their naturalness and unobtrusiveness, but at the same time their smell is bright and individual.

Citrus notes of California lemon, freshthe chord of a green apple is organically supplemented with the fragrant charm of jasmine and barely perceptible velvet peach. A resinous cedar notes in combination with tart musk make new nuances in the sound of fragrance.

spirits naturel willow deer

Variations of the original can be called eau de toilette"Naturrel Osmanthus." It is a more sensual fragrance. He is distinguished by femininity and refinement. Great for those ladies who appreciate elegance and modest sophistication.

Perfume «Yves Rocher»: reviews

Perfumes of the French brand cause a lotresponses, sometimes very contradictory. Someone blames spirits for excessive volatility, others, on the contrary, like their light, unobtrusive flavor. Still others say that the stability of the "Yves Rocher" is all right: the smell sounds 4-5 hours, but the rest of it continue to hear much longer. Which opinion is correct? There are no unambiguous answers, they are spirits. And on the skin of different people, they sound absolutely different. Therefore, the best option is to try and appreciate the elegant and refined perfume from the venerable Fashion House.

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