Spiderman tattoo: Variety and meaning

Since ancient times, the tattoo was one of the mostradical options for changing the appearance of a person. Once inhabitants of the island of Borneo believed that the drawings as beacons illuminate the road that died in the pitch darkness of the underworld of the dead. Aboriginal inhabitants of Altai stuffed sacred texts-talismans, which served as security titles in the surrounding hostile world as tattoos. In Europe, the "first swallows" of body art appeared in the XIII century, strolling artists thus attracted idle gapers and earned a living. Later, to do tattoos was just fashionable, and here the enterprising French succeeded. Tattoo criminals were used as identification elements and for transferring information. And now young people use tattoo elements as a means of expressing themselves and isolating themselves from the general mass.

A good spirit at home or an evil spirit?

One of the most popular and famous types of tattoo -spider. This symbol is extremely polysemantic, therefore it is possible to carry information quite different, sometimes extremely contradictory. Tribes of Indians, aborigines of South America, considered spiders to be their totem - a sacred insect, from which their genus originated.

spider tattoo

In the Slavs, he was the guardian of the house, his kind spirit,defender and custodian. And a messenger of luck, a symbol of prosperity and happiness. This explains their desire to make a tattoo "spider" lovers of extreme natalnyh murals. After all, "to settle" on itself almost forever the source of all success, material prosperity and abundance - does not it mean to change destiny for the better? On the other hand, the spider tattoo has another explanation. Many species of insects are dangerous, poisonous, insidious and do not leave a single chance to save their victims. Therefore, a person who "decorated" himself with sinister symbols, as if sends a warning to the world around him: "Do not touch me, or you'll regret it!" In general, the image of a shaggy arthropod, made quite realistically, will scare anyone. So, it is understandable that the tattoo "spider" is an effective amulet.

Location and Value

All of the above is general information. In fact, in order to explain the symbolism deeply, one must also take into account how the tattoo looks, whether it is monochrome or not, what colors are applied, where it is located on the body, whether it is accompanied by cobwebs or inscriptions.

tattoo spider value

For example, a three-dimensional tattoo "spider". Its meaning is clear even to the uninitiated: on the one hand, to scare away all those who are alien to man in temperament, aesthetic and other views, and, on the contrary, to attract like-minded people, that is, to find a soul mate. If you have a spider tattoo around your neck, its value indicates such qualities as the desire to rule, to become an informal leader, the denial of established norms and traditions, a revolutionary aspiration for everything new. But in the criminal world, where, by the way, this insect is also extremely popular, if the figure of the spider is crawling upwards, it points to a budding pickpocket just entering the slippery path. A spider crawling down gives another information: this thief "tied up" and is no longer going to return to the criminal world.

The spider is ubiquitous

Spider - one of the rare types of drawings that do nothave a clear binding and are performed on any part of the human body. It can be located on the neck, chest and back, shoulders, hands, between the fingers, on the legs and even the head. The latter option is often seen in skinheads and representatives of other youth groups of the fascist type. Those who are interested in magic and sorcery, practice various magical rituals, place a tattoo with a spider pattern on the chest, as a talisman, saving from evil forces and helping to penetrate the beyond. Those engaged in crafts and needlework preferred to place spiders on their wrists, so that they strengthen their creative abilities. An example of such "spider" tattoo is the photo in this article.

tattoo spider photo

Color palette of a tattoo

Initially, tattoos were made one-color, then, with the development of this art form, the masters learned to use different tones and shades. Modern engravers knock out real pictures on the body.

colored spider tattoo

So, black and red spiders or with elementsred, purple indicate the aggressiveness and determination of their owner. Brown, green colors emphasize calmness and balance of character, some earthiness. A colorful palette of the picture characterizes its owner as a person versatile, bright, multifaceted.

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