Thoracic Elixir: Instructions for Use

Colds in cold seasonOff-season, when the slush autumn replaces winter, not only adults, but also children suffer. Especially it concerns babies, whose immunity is weakened. Parents, concerned about their health, are looking for the most effective medicines to relieve the symptoms of colds. Coughing is one of them, and sometimes it is difficult to fight with it. A special trust is enjoyed by preparations created on a plant basis. This is the chest elixir, the instruction to it is discussed in the article.

Thoracic elixir: pharmacological properties

The thoracic elixir is an expectorant, inwhose composition includes licorice root, anise oil, ethyl alcohol, ammonia solution, distilled water. It is produced in vials of twenty-five milliliters. The drug has an anti-inflammatory effect that facilitates coughing, improves sputum expectoration and creates an enveloping effect. The thoracic elixir is used for the treatment of respiratory tract infections, in which the separation of sputum is difficult. It is indicated in the following diseases:

- bronchial asthma;

- bronchitis;

- pneumonia;

- tracheobronchitis;

cystic fibrosis.

Allergic reactions are manifested by side effects, which can cause the chest elixir.

How to take the medicine, describes the instruction: three times - four times a day, adults twenty-forty drops each. Children up to the age of twelve are given medicine according to the number of years they lived. Drink potion half an hour before meals. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor. The thoracic elixir is contraindicated in people who have hypersensitivity to its components.

Parents' comments

Pediatricians often prescribe to children the thoracic elixir. The instruction to the medicine reports that it is a remedy for cough relief. Wet cough is much better than dry, because with it there is a secretion of viscous mucus, the bronchi are cleared. It is very important to achieve such an effect as quickly as possible so that the disease does not drag on and does not threaten complications. Therefore, children with ARVI and a strong dry cough are prescribed mucolytic drugs that promote the formation of mucus, and expectorant drugs that help to withdraw it from the body.

Among the widely known medicinal expectorants is the thoracic elixir. Instructions on the use of the drug reports that the mainthe substance in its composition is the root of the licorice, otherwise the licorice root. Underground shoots and roots of wild grass - licorice naked - are used in medical practice to create preparations of expectorant and anti-inflammatory action. The plant contains flavonoids, glycyrrhizic acid and other active substances.

Parents of babies turn todoctors, when their children begin colds. Some mothers have fears: is it worth giving an alcohol-based medication to a child? How does this affect the baby's well-being? Can the side effects of the drug appear? Experienced pediatricians note that it is better to give the thoracic elixir to children after a year of life. Infants under one year should take other drugs. To treat acute respiratory viral infections thoracic elixir should be taken in conjunction with other drugs.

Pregnant women are often interested in: Can they take this medicine during colds? They are concerned not only with their own health, but also with the possible impact on the health of the baby. Having in structure vegetative components, thoracal elixir, the instruction to which is silent about its influence on pregnancy and does not contain an interdiction for reception during a lactemia, is a safe remedy. In addition, it effectively facilitates coughing.

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