Expectorants. Instructions for use: chest elixir

Most susceptible to colds andARVI children. This is a well-known fact. The high morbidity at an early age is insufficiently stable immune system. Diseases are accompanied by coughing, runny nose, fever. When referring to specialists, parents, and doctors themselves, try to find the optimal solution, choosing drugs that combine high efficiency and safety. Among the popular drugs prescribed to patients at an early age is the thoracic elixir for children. The responses of the parents in most cases speak in favor of the medication. Its undoubted advantage is the use of natural ingredients (aniseed oil, licorice root extract) in the composition. The drug effectively promotes the rapid dissolution of sputum and its elimination from the bronchial system. As the instructions for use indicate, the thoracic elixir provides an immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effect, which is due to the beneficial properties of the licorice root. The agent influences the activity of the ciliary epithelium of the mucous respiratory system. After taking the medication, the relief comes quickly enough.

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Thoracic Elixir Instructions for Userecommends with pharyngitis, tracheitis, influenza. Treatment is prescribed for patients with obstructive bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia. Indications include tuberculosis of the lungs, bronchitis (chronic or acute course), asthma.

Dosing regimen

As recommended by the instructions for use, thoracicElixir should be taken before meals - for half an hour - or an hour after it. The medicine is drunk 3-4 times a day. Dosing is carried out in accordance with the age - how old the child, so much should be given drops.

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Side effects

The drug is tolerated satisfactorily. Complications associated with treatment are noted by pediatricians very rarely. As a rule, they are associated with an increased sensitivity of the organism to the components present in the drug. As a result, there is an allergic reaction in the form of redness, skin irritation, itching. If these symptoms appear, the drug should be discontinued and a visit to the doctor.


According to the information that contains the instructionon application, thoracal elixir is not appointed at individual intolerance of substances entering into its structure. The drug has an age limit: the drug is contraindicated for patients up to two years.

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Additional Information

As the instruction manual warns,The chest elixir should not be combined with other antitussive medications. It is not recommended to use a combination with such medications as "Kodelak", "Terpinkod", "Sinekod" and others, which contain codeine. These and similar drugs are prescribed, as a rule, with a dry cough. When combined with a chest elixir, the risk of sputum stagnation increases, resulting in damage to the walls of the bronchi and increased inflammation. During the storage of the drug, precipitation is allowed. This phenomenon does not affect the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug. Before giving the product to the child, the vial should be shaken.

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