The drug "Mukofalk." Instructions for use

The drug "Mukofalk" refers to laxativesmeans. The active ingredient is extracting husks from the seeds of plantain. The preparation is available in the form of granules for dissolution in water and the preparation of a suspension. Mucofalk tablets are not produced. The drug helps to increase and soften the stool, stimulates peristalsis in the intestine. The active substance is not cleaved when passing through the digestive tract. Upon entering the intestine, plant fibers under the action of the flora partially break down into saturated acids, which exert a trophic and supporting effect on the mucosa.

mucosal tablets

The drug "Mukofalk." Instructions for use. Indications

The medicine is prescribed for chronic constipation. Indications include pathologies, during which a lightweight, soft emptying of the intestine is desirable. Such diseases include, in particular, cracks in the anus, damage after operations on the anorectal zone, hemorrhoids. As an auxiliary tool "Mukofalk" (doctors' reviews confirm this) is used in the treatment of diarrhea of ​​different origin. Indications include irritable bowel syndrome.

Scheme of dosing


For patients from the age of twelve, the drug"Mukofalk" instructions for use recommends a sachet twice or thrice a day. To eliminate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, 1 pack is prescribed. from 2 to 6 times during the day. To make the suspension, take a sufficient amount of water - at least 150 ml. In case of taking other medications, you should wait at least half an hour before drinking Mukofalk.

Instructions for use. Contraindications

No medication is prescribed for dysphagia. Contraindicated taking medication for hypersensitivity, undiagnosed rectal bleeding, coprolites, excessive accumulation of hardened feces. The drug "Mukofalk" instructions for use does not recommend for abdominal pain, vomiting of unknown nature, with stenosis in the intestine, gastrointestinal tract, with disorders of water-electrolyte balance. No medication is prescribed for children under 12 years of age.

mukofalk instructions for use

The drug "Mukofalk." Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

In the first days of taking medication,increased sensation of overcrowding in the stomach, flatulence. With the continuation of therapy, these manifestations, as a rule, disappear themselves. On the grounds of drug intolerance, allergic reactions are likely, including shock, skin itching, irritation. In some cases, bronchospasm may occur. If there is a negative reaction to the drug "Mukofalk" instructions for use recommend discontinuing its use and contact the doctor.

additional information

In case of an overdose, negativemanifestations. Patients feel severe pain in the abdomen, dizziness. There is also meteorism, dyspepsia, weakness. When poisoning means recommended to take as much fluid as possible. Symptomatic therapy is indicated.

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