Heart infarction is one of the most common human diseases

Cardiologists note that many diseasestheir profile is "younger" every year. Including a heart attack, which is also called myocardial infarction. This means that now not only elderly people with low motor activity and psychological stress get to the risk zone, but also apparently healthy young men and women. It can be noted that most often this disease is found in the strong half of humanity. This condition is very severe, caused by coronary artery thrombosis. This is the main cause of this disease, which in most cases leads to a fatal outcome.

Heart attack of heart

What causes a heart attack?

In fact, they are quite a lot, and it happens thatthey take place in the aggregate. Obviously, this further aggravates the situation and increases the risk of developing the disease. The main set of factors that inevitably lead to a heart attack in the course of time will be: heredity, malnutrition, large amounts of animal fat in food, overeating, diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of physical activity, smoking, alcoholism. Doctors say that those who engage in sports, the risk of getting sick is much lower than that of lazy housewives.

It is impossible to predict when an illness will be overtaken. Sometimes this happens at a time of extreme stress, sometimes even in a dream, but most often in the morning immediately after awakening. It is at this time that the human "motor" experiences the greatest load. An infarction of the posterior wall of the heart is considered to be less dangerous. With timely assistance, the outcome will be positive. Remind of the accident will only scar, which will never resolve on the muscle.

Heart wall infarction

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

Everyone should know the signs when it should beto call "ambulance". The most obvious is acute pain in the middle of the chest. If angina pectoris occurs during a strong physical exertion, then the heart infarction is accompanied by it at rest. As a rule, the pain does not pass after taking the drug "Nitroglycerin". Sometimes there may be nausea, dizziness. Do not suffer the pain, because in this case it can be deadly dangerous.

But there are also cases when noThere are no signs of a heart attack, and the person suffers the disease "on his feet". This happens in those who suffer from diabetes. The fact of what happened can be determined with the help of a cardiogram, and after - a thorough examination by ultrasound.

Heart wall infarction

Heart wall infarction: types and location

This type of disease is much more common andhas several forms that differ in the place of damage to the heart muscle. A common transmural infarct is most dangerous. It arises from the thrombosis of the common trunk of the left coronary artery. The acute period is painful and can lead to heart rupture. During the defeat of the anterior interventricular artery, there is an anteroposterior heart infarction. He is not so dangerous. There are two more types: antero-apical and antero-lateral.

Preventive measures are very important for fighting this disease. Everyone can protect themselves, you just need to lead a correct and active lifestyle. Then no illnesses are terrible.

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