Fast baking - a cake in a microwave oven

Availability in the kitchen of the microwave oven todayno one is surprised. But for some reason, many are very limited in using the possibilities of this household appliance, using a microwave oven solely to warm up already prepared dishes. Meanwhile, in the microwave you can cook a variety of food, it is convenient to prepare vegetables for salads, bake meat or fish and even bake cakes and biscuits.

And baking in the microwave oven is readyalready after three to five minutes, so that the cupcake in the microwave can be easily baked for breakfast or if unexpected guests have suddenly come to you. For baking, you can use any cookware that is suitable for microwave ovens. And if you need to bake a small cupcake, then you can do it in the most ordinary ceramic mug or bowl.

The only drawback that is present whenbaking in a microwave oven, is that the baking does not redden, that is, it turns out pale and not too attractive externally. But to eliminate this circumstance is simple, it's enough to add cocoa powder to the dough, that is, to make a chocolate cake in a microwave oven. Another option - the use of glaze, which can be covered cooked pastries.

Another feature that must be considered whenbaking in a microwave oven, is that the dough should be more liquid than usual. That is, if you decide to use your recipe for a cupcake or biscuit that you bake in the oven, when mixing, slightly reduce the amount of flour or, conversely, increase the amount of added liquid. The fact is that the cake in the microwave, prepared from a thick dough, turns out to be excessively dry.

The reason for the dryness of baking in a microwave oven can bethe circumstance that the cupcake was simply overexposed, that is, the baking time was overestimated. In addition, when using rectangular baking molds, the edges often dry out, so it's better to take round shapes, and the ideal shape is in the form of a ring. By the way, if you do not have such a mold, then it's very easy to make from the most ordinary dishes. To do this, it is enough to take an ordinary glass pan for a microwave and put a glass in the center, half filled with water.

So, let's start making a cake in the microwave. We will take a mixer with two eggs and a half cup of sugar, adding two spoons of cocoa powder and a pinch of salt at the end of the whipping. Melt a hundred grams of butter (this can be done literally in thirty seconds in a microwave oven) and add it to the dough. Again thoroughly beat the mass. Now mix half a glass of flour with a teaspoon of baking powder and a bag of vanilla sugar. We connect both mixtures, gradually pouring the flour into the liquid and whipping with a mixer.

Take a glass round pot, lightlylubricate it from the inside with oil, and in the center we place a glass half filled with water. Pour the liquid dough into the prepared form. We bake at a power of 900 watts for five minutes. After the timer flashes, for another five to seven minutes, do not remove the cupcake from the oven, letting it "ripen". Ready cake can be covered with icing.

We got a chocolate cake in the microwave. The recipe, which is given above, can be somewhat "modernized" by including in the composition of products nuts, candied fruits, raisins or aromatic essences. If you do not like cocoa, do not add it to the dough by increasing the amount of flour. But then it will be necessary to cover the top and sides of the product with icing, so that our cupcake does not look pale.

And here's how you can bake an express cake inmicrowave, using as a form of an ordinary tea cup. We need four tablespoons of flour and sugar, two tablespoons of cocoa, an egg, three tablespoons of milk and vegetable oil. A third of a teaspoon of soda (to extinguish), two tablespoons of sour cream and a little grated chocolate. For flavor in the dough can add vanilla sugar (pinch).

Mix all the products (except sour cream and chocolate)and pour the resulting dough into a cup (volume of 350-400 ml). We bake a cake at a power of 900 watts for 3 and a half minutes and let it "mature" for five minutes. We extract the prepared cupcake from a mug, grease it with sour cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate. This cupcake can be cooked even at work or in the morning for breakfast.

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