What to do if you knocked out your finger: symptoms, first aid

Hand injuries are not uncommon, especially ifa person leads an active lifestyle, is fond of sports or one of the types of martial arts. If the victim has knocked out a finger, he needs to provide proper medical care, including a number of therapeutic measures.

knocked out a finger

It is important to know

The embossed finger on the hand can not be exposedself-medication. This is fraught with serious consequences, up to the wrong fusion and possible subsequent surgery. Such traumas are often supplemented by ligament ruptures, complicated dislocations or painful fractures. In such a situation, the patient must provide all necessary first aid, and then immediately deliver it to the nearest medical facility.

broken finger

Causes of trauma

Hands are often hurt. Of the main reasons can be identified the following:

  • Household trauma - often due tothe usual carelessness, if a person knocked out a finger, grabbing the door handle in an unsuccessful way, with a wrong fall on the hand or any other active domestic activities;
  • sports - it is appropriate to mention any kind of sport, they all are very active, often lead to clashes, possible dislocations and bruises;
  • the consequences of the former trauma - people who have already been knocked out of their finger should be doubly guarded, such a trauma increases the risk of a repeat of the situation in the future;
  • a bad habit of clicking your fingers - sooner or later leads to a shift.

A dislocation of the finger is always a serious inconvenience that hampers the usual daily activity and significantly reduces the habitual comfortable standard of living.

what to do if your finger is knocked out

Main symptoms

Pointing, thumb and ring fingers insuch a situation suffers most often. They take a particularly active part in human life and receive the most serious burden. If the victim complains that he has knocked out a finger, the symptoms of subluxation or dislocation should be determined by the following indicators:

  • Pain - it can be of varying degreesintensity, appear when trying to move, touching or in a state of rest. The intensity of pain can also vary, often their pulsation is expressed quite sharply.
  • Mobility - after the first minutes, when the shockThe state is replaced by painful sensations, it becomes difficult. Even a small movement leads to a whole series of unpleasant sensations that are hampered.
  • Edema - often swelling appears immediately, with traumas of varying degrees of complexity, it can develop gradually, capturing as a result not only the thumb on the arm, but the entire palm.
  • Deformation is a clear sign of a dislocation,pointing to the seriousness of the situation, this unnatural situation causes acute pain and requires immediate application of analgesics and treatment to a specialist trauma specialist.

Additionally, there may be a temporary decreasesensitivity caused by a serious contusion of soft tissues. The skin in this area becomes pale due to insufficient blood supply, the pads of the fingers grow numb.

knocked out finger symptoms

First aid

What if I knocked my finger out? First and foremost, it is important not to harm yourself or the victim even more. Attempts to self-return the joint to its original position can end badly. Such carelessness can cause a serious open fracture or painful ligament rupture. The correct sequence of first aid in such situations will be as follows:

  1. Remove the rings, if any, from the injured finger and all adjacent to it.
  2. Immediately apply ice, if it is not nearby, it will fit a regular plastic bag filled with water, products from the freezer or carefully soaked under a faucet towel.
  3. The hand should be held vertically upwards, if it is difficult for the victim to do it himself, it is possible to make a fixing bandage from the handy material (kerchief, belt).
  4. Analgesics can help to reduce pain, and you can eliminate the mobility of your finger by applying a tire. The dressing is superimposed weakly, completely excluding the possible pressure on this area.
  5. After all of the above, the victim should be taken to a medical facility where the specialist will conduct a qualitative examination and prescribe further treatment.

knocked out a finger


To determine how seriously the finger was knocked outpatient, the doctor will necessarily send it to X-ray. Depending on the degree of damage detected, a certain therapeutic course is prescribed. Treatment can be carried out both in stationary and at home, more often it does not take much time and leads to a quick recovery of the damaged joint.

  1. The first few days continue to apply cold, until the swelling is completely eliminated.
  2. Further, an ointment with a resorptive and anti-inflammatory effect is shown, if there is a pronounced pain, an admission of analgesics is additionally prescribed.

The doctor will definitely recommend, if possible, restrict movement in this area, use a tight bandage and reduce the load to a minimum.

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