Useful properties of nutmeg and its use in folk medicine

Nutmeg - nothing more than an ovalA seed with a delicate, delicate aroma. This gift of nature is characterized by a number of useful properties that help strengthen the body's immune system. Also nutmeg perfectly tones up and acts as a strong stimulant, which speeds up the process of digestion.

The main components of theThis seed is starch, protein, various vitamins and minerals. Essential oil is also considered one of the active elements. His nut contained between seven and fifteen percent. Essential oil consists of elemitsin, myristicin, various terpenes and other substances necessary for the body.

useful properties of nutmeg

Useful properties of nutmeg allowuse it to strengthen the nervous system and memory, treat impotence and sexual disorders. The main active ingredients that are part of the healing seed, can get rid of heart diseases and many benign tumors. Useful properties of nutmeg can be included in the collection of fees that enhance immunity. In small doses, this healing seed acts as a good soothing agent. It causes sleep to eliminate nervous excitability.

Useful properties of nutmeg are due to andthe effectiveness of its use in getting rid of colds of various types. This healing gift of nature is an excellent tonic and has the ability to stimulate the circulation of blood flow.

Useful properties of nutmeg are usedto bring to the norm the values ​​of blood pressure and eliminate headaches. An important function of the useful elements that make up the healing seed is the restoration of normal activity of the digestive system. With the help of nutmeg, you can get rid of indigestion, intestinal infections, weak stools, and also stimulate appetite. Healing product has astringent, antibacterial and other effects on the body. All of them allow you to get rid of many ailments.

nutmeg action

Nutmeg, the action of which contributespreservation of the health of the bone system, reduces the likelihood of rheumatism and arthritis, as well as osteochondrosis of the spine. The main active elements contained in this healing seed, nourish the hair follicles, reducing the intensity of the process of alopecia.

The nutmeg, as well as those made fromHis extracts often play the role of an ingredient in the manufacture of various medications and natural medicines, the scope of which is different. These drugs are recommended to get rid of a wide range of diseases. These include:

- tuberculosis;

- Varicose veins;

- infectious diseases;

- urinary incontinence;

- Flatulence;

diseases of the spleen and liver, etc.

To obtain therapeutic effect, nutmegcan be used both as a spice, and when carrying out aromatherapy, inhalation or when added to massage mixtures. However, it should be borne in mind that the use of a curative product is possible only if it is used in small amounts. Overdosing with the intake of nutmeg is fraught with the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, such as vomiting and nausea, euphoria and hallucinations. There were also cases of death.

nutmeg buy

Nutmeg can be bought in the form of round dense nucleoli or in the shredded state. In the second embodiment, the flavor of the product is quickly lost.

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