The preparation "Ukrliv": instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

Quite often modern doctors atcertain diseases to their patients prescribe the drug "Ukrliv." The instruction for this tool includes a sufficiently large amount of useful data and for many is the most important source of information. But at the same time, not all correctly understand the written there, and what is provided in it is not a complete list of information about this drug.


Ukrliv instructions

Ursodeoxycholic acid in primaryIn most cases it is always contained in a small amount in the bile of a person. If taken orally, it begins to significantly reduce the overall degree of bile enrichment with cholesterol by slowing its absorption inside the small intestine, as well as reducing the secretion of this element in the bile. It is quite obvious that due to the dispersion of this organic compound and the formation of liquid crystals, cholelithiasis cholesterol begins to partially dissolve, which positively affects the general state of the human body.

In accordance with modern scientific knowledgeit is believed that ursodeoxycholic acid in the case of various liver diseases or cholestatic diseases allows to achieve the effect due to the relative replacement of lipophilic toxic bile acids similar to detergents to hydrophilic nontoxic cytoprotective ursodeoxycholic acid, and also subsequently to a marked improvement in the secretory function of hepatocytes and various immunoregulatory processes.

When is it used?

To the preparation "Ukrliv" the instruction testifies,that most often doctors prescribe it if the patient has cholesteric gallstones, whose diameter is no more than 15 mm. In most cases, this remedy is prescribed to patients with a functioning gallbladder, which works regardless of the presence of one or several gallstones in it. In particular, to the preparation "Ukrliv" the instruction says that this product allows to completely dissolve X-ray cholesteric gallstones.

Among other things, the use of thisthe drug is often prescribed if necessary symptomatic treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis in the absence of decompensated liver cirrhosis.


Ukrlive tablets instruction

After taking the drug ursodeoxycholicthe acid begins to be absorbed quickly enough in the small intestine, as well as in the upper region of the ileum through passive transport, and in the terminal ileal compartment by active transfer. In the majority of cases, the degree of absorption is from 60% to 80%, as indicated in the instruction "Ukrliv". After complete absorption, bile acid gets under the influence of almost complete hepatic conjugation with amino acids taurine and glycine, as a result of which it is completely eliminated together with bile. It is worth noting the fact that the clearance of the primary passage through the liver reaches a rate of 60%.

Under the influence of various intestinal bacteriathere is a partial degradation to lithocholic and 7-ketolithocholic acid. In this case, lithocholic acid acts as a hepatotoxic substance and causes all possible damages of the hepatic parenchyma in certain species of animals. A person absorbs only a certain part of the substance, which is completely sulphated in the liver and detoxified even before it is excreted with feces and bile.

How is this drug used in pregnancy?

Women of reproductive age canUse this medication only if they use sufficiently reliable contraceptives. Before the beginning of treatment it is extremely important to completely eliminate the possibility of pregnancy. In order to ensure maximum safety, treatment should in no case be carried out during the first trimester of pregnancy. To the drug "Ukrliv" (tablets) the instruction indicates that an exception is provided in the cases when the doctor believes that the benefits of using this tool exceed possible risks.

There are no precise clinical dataconcerning the use of ursodeoxycholic acid by women during the period of breastfeeding, and therefore the use of this drug by this category of patients is not recommended.


Ukrliv suspension instruction

To the preparation "Ukrliv" (tablets), the instruction notes several main contraindications to the use of this drug:

  • presence of acute inflammation of the bile duct or gall bladder;
  • presence in the patient of excessive sensitivity to certain substances in the composition of this drug;
  • clogging of the bile duct (this includes both plugging of the common duct and individual blockages of the bladder);
  • cirrhosis of the liver, which is in decompensation stage.

Among other things, it is worth noting that,that this remedy should not be given to a patient with a gall bladder who is not visualized by X-ray methods, as well as to patients with impaired gallbladder contractility, calcified stones or those with frequent biliary colic, as evidenced by the drug "Ukrliv" (suspension) instructions. The doctors' comments also confirm this fact, as the specialists do not prescribe this remedy in the above situations.

Side effects

In the process of taking this medication, the following side effects may occur:

  • various violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • in extremely rare cases, in the treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis, patients developed quite strong abdominal pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • in clinical trials, it was determined that a certain group of patients had a loose stool or diarrhea during treatment with ursodeoxycholic acid;
  • all kinds of disorders in the gallbladder and liver;
  • Again, in extremely rare cases, calcification of gallstones occurred during the treatment with this drug;
  • in the treatment of advanced stages of biliaryprimary cirrhosis in extremely rare situations in patients was present decompensation of liver cirrhosis, which partly regressed after treatment was discontinued.

Among other things, doctors are oftennote in their reviews the fact that the side effects of taking this medication can be expressed by all possible hypersensitivity reactions or by rashes. Prone to allergies, people appoint it with caution.

How is it used?

ukrliv tablets instruction price

There are no age restrictions forreception of this drug does not exist, as indicated by the instruction "Ukrliv" (tablets). The price of this drug, respectively, is the same regardless of which particular group of patients requires treatment.

For patients who have a body weight of less than 47 kg orAlso, having difficulty in swallowing tablets, it is possible to use this drug in the form of a suspension, which is often noted by doctors. Depending on the specific indications of the attending physician, it is possible to use this drug in the following doses.

Dissolution of bile cholesterol stones

  • Weight: from 47 to 60 kg. Two tablets a day.
  • Weight: from 61 to 80 kg. Three tablets a day.
  • Weight: from 81 to 100 kg. Four tablets a day.
  • Weight: more than 100 kg. Five tablets a day.

Tablets should be used once a day,they need to be swallowed whole and washed down with a small amount of liquid. To the preparation "Ukrliv" (tablets) the instruction for use says that it is best to use this remedy in the evening before bedtime, and the reception should be regular to achieve the desired effect.


Ukrliv syrup instruction

The time that is required for a fulldissolution of gallstones, in the majority of cases is from 6 to 24 months. In the event that a decrease in the total size of gallstones is not observed after 12 months of active intake of this drug, continued therapy is not recommended.

To the preparation "Ukrliv" (syrup) the instruction says aboutThe fact that the success of treatment should be checked every 6 months by X-ray or ultrasound. Additional studies should be carried out as to whether the patient is calcifying stones during the treatment. If this happens, then the treatment procedure should be completely discontinued.

Symptomatic treatment of PBC

In the case of a patient's primarybiliary cirrhosis, the weight of the patient directly affects how much the drug "Ukrliv" should be used. The instruction says that depending on the mass, the daily dose can vary from 3 to 7 tablets.

During the first three months of therapyTablets should be used throughout the day, with the daily dose to be divided into several doses. In the event that the liver parameters during this period have been improved, it will be possible to take a daily dose only once in the evening.

Tablets should be swallowed whole, they needwash down with liquid, and in this case it is also important to observe regularity. It should be noted that the instruction for use with the preparation "Ukrliv" (suspension) indicates that its use in case of a patient's primary biliary cirrhosis is provided for a long period, if this is required during the treatment.


slurry application instruction

It should be noted that in patients with suchdiagnosis in the first time in rare cases, there may be a worsening of clinical symptoms, and in particular, some people have an increase in itching. As the "Ukrliv" preparation shows, the instruction, suspension or tablets in this case should be used later, but the daily dose should be reduced, then gradually increase it to the required value over time. Thus, every week you need to increase the daily dose until the necessary dosage regimen is achieved.


 Ukrlive tablets instructions for use

The extremely low risk of overdosewill provoke any serious side effects. In particular, there is a possibility of diarrhea, therefore it is highly recommended to periodically monitor the main indicators of liver function. In case of diarrhea, it will be necessary to reduce the dosage, and if this does not help, completely stop using this medication, as indicated in the instructions for use by Ukrliv. The price of this product (from 460 rubles., Depending on the type of drug) allows almost everyone to use it in the right dosage.

No specific countermeasures in this caseIt is required, and any consequences of diarrhea should be treated exclusively symptomatically, with careful compliance with the balance of electrolytes and liquid. This is important enough to achieve the maximum effect with the maximum degree of safety.

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