Strong cough remedy. Preparations "Toff Plus", "Koldakt bronho", "Bronholitin", "Koldreks"

Cough is a common sign of a coldor an allergic reaction. Reflex action helps to clear the respiratory tract from accumulated mucus and irritants. Cope with the pathological phenomenon is possible only if it is found its cause. To facilitate the condition with bronchospasm, doctors usually recommend taking a strong cough remedy. Choose drugs depending on the nature of the disease.

Types of cough

Any cough indicates developmentinflammatory process in the respiratory system. It is important to contact a specialist in a timely manner to prevent the development of complications and the transition of the disease to a chronic form, which can be very difficult to get rid of.

The greatest discomfort is caused by fits of drycough, in some cases reaching even before vomiting. So are whooping cough, laryngitis, bronchial asthma or tracheitis. With this cough, there are pain and swelling in the throat, there is hoarseness of the voice, there is no sputum.

a strong cough remedy

Concomitant symptoms include a risetemperature, severe sweating, general weakness, bronchospasm, reaching choking (especially at night). Significantly improve the state of syrup from cough. An effective drug is selected by a specialist depending on the diagnosis.

A wet, or productive, cough appearsusually with ARVI, bronchitis, pneumonia. It is characterized by an increase in temperature, the onset of chest pain and wheezing. Sputum with a productive cough begins to recede, and in order to speed up the healing process, expectorants should be taken.

How correctly to treat?

It is highly not recommended to treat the pathological condition independently. Wrongly chosen therapy will only worsen it. The doctor can establish the true etiology of cough and determine the tactics of treatment.

cough syrup effective

With dry cough apply two groups of drugs- suppressing cough reflex in the brain and blocking receptors in the airways. They help to stop seizures. However, for treatment this is not enough. To increase the formation of sputum, you will need to take mucolytics. Substantial benefits will also come from topical preparations for coughing (rubbing, ointment).

Wet cough is also treated with expectorants, the action of which is aimed at dilution and the removal of pathological secretions from the respiratory tract. Good cough preparations are:

  1. Ambroxol;
  2. "Fluimutsil";
  3. "Coldrex";
  4. "Broncholitin";
  5. "Fljuditek";
  6. "Broncho's Witchcraft";
  7. Bronhobryu;
  8. "Flavamed".

In some cases, experts appointmedicines for symptomatic therapy. One of the effective tools of this category is Toff Plus. Instructions for use recommend the use of medication only for signs of cold (or ARI), accompanied by a rise in body temperature.

The drug "Broncholitin"

The most known cough remedy is considered to besyrup "Broncholitin". It refers to preparations of combined action, combining the properties of a mucolytic and a drug that suppresses a cough reflex. In the composition there are two active components - ephedrine hydrochloride and glaucine hydrobromide. The first substance promotes the expansion of the bronchi and narrows the vessels, helping to eliminate swelling of the mucous surface. Glaucine hydrobromide affects the cough center and does not depress respiration. The auxiliary component is basil oil, which has antimicrobial properties.

bronchodilator from which cough

In pathologies of inflammatory or infectiouscharacter, many specialists prescribe for treatment "Broncholitin". What cough is the remedy for? According to the instructions, the syrup is effective for acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, pertussis, tracheobronchitis, laryngitis and influenza.


Syrup is for oral useafter meal. The dosage of the medicine depends on the severity of the condition and the age of the patient. According to the instruction, adults and children over 10 years should take 10 ml of syrup 3-4 times a day. To children from three years the agent appoint or nominate on 5 ml up to three times a day.

topical cough preparations

It has a pleasant sweet taste. Thanks to the combination of synthetic and herbal components, the syrup has a quick therapeutic effect and helps to get rid of even strong coughing attacks in 5-7 days.


Strong cough remedy "Broncholitin" can not be taken to all patients. To refuse treatment by this remedy is necessary in the presence of the following ailments in the anamnesis:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • angle-closure glaucoma;
  • cardiac ischemia;
  • thyrotoxicosis (at the first stages of pregnancy);
  • lactation period;
  • insomnia;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • heart failure;
  • increased sensitivity to active or auxiliary components.

The tool "Koldakt Broncho"

With increased sensitivity to someirritants may appear bronchospasm. To cope with this phenomenon, conventional antihistamines can not. To relieve the condition, the patient is prescribed a strong cough remedy, able to stop an attack or significantly reduce its intensity. Depending on the course of the disease, such drugs can be used to treat symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, influenza, inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract.

"Broncho's Cold Storage" is recommended for coughing with hard-to-recover sputum. The composition contains ambroxol, guaifenesin, phenylephrine, chlorphenamine maleate.

Bronhobryu: instruction

Syrup with mucolytic effect "Bronhobryu"can suppress even the most powerful cough. The therapeutic effect is due to the presence in the composition of several active substances - dextromethorphan hydrobromide (affects the cough center in the brain) and guaifenesin (stimulates the mucous membranes).

bronchobrew instruction

For children older than three years, doctors can prescribethis cough syrup. Effective medication helps to get rid of bronchial obstructive syndrome, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia (in complex therapy). "Bronchobru" is often prescribed for non-productive cough caused by inflammatory-infectious processes in the upper parts of the respiratory tract.

How to use?

The medicinal syrup has a bright red color andsweetish bitter aftertaste. Take "Bronchobru" should be strictly according to the doctor's scheme. Dosage depends on the age category of the patient. Children from two years are prescribed 2.5 ml of syrup three times a day. Starting at age 7, the dose is increased to 5 ml. Adult patients are admitted to take 10 ml every 4 hours or 30 ml every 8 hours. The daily dose should not exceed 40 ml.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug should be taken with extreme cautionand only according to the doctor's prescription. Some components of the syrup "Bronhobru" can be addictive on a psychological level. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, such side effects as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, intestinal distress, headaches and weakness may occur.

"Bronhobryu" - this is a pretty strong tool fromcough. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the indications for the use of the drug. According to the instruction, it is not prescribed for productive cough, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, lactation and pregnancy, coronary insufficiency, tachycardia and arrhythmia, intolerance of the constituent syrup.

Means for coughing "Toff Plus"

The preparation is available in the form of capsules filled withcolored granules. The active ingredients are paracetamol (500 mg), dextromethorphan hydrobromide (15 mg), phenylephrine (10 mg) and maleate chlorphenamine (2 mg). Means "Toff Plus" instructions for use are positioned as antitussive, vasoconstrictive, antipyretic, antihistamine and analgesic medication.

toff plus instructions for use

Several active substances in the composition allowto render complex influence on cold. Capsules should be taken only for symptomatic treatment of acute respiratory viral infection, influenza, allergic rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis and rhinorrhea.

Who can I take?

For the treatment of children this is a powerful cough remedynot suitable. According to the instructions, he can be assigned to adolescents with 14 years of age and adult patients. A day is allowed to take no more than 4 capsules. Experts recommend to drink one capsule of "Toff Plus" every 4-6 hours after the discovery of the first signs of a pathological condition. More than three days without consulting a doctor, the drug is not used.

Application features

According to reviews, the drug is prettyeffective. It can be used for coughing caused by an allergic reaction in the same way as the drug "Koldact Broncho". Tablets are not prescribed for pathologies of blood, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, high blood pressure, Gilbert's syndrome, diabetes, prostate hyperplasia, kidney and liver diseases, hypersensitivity to components. It is forbidden to take medicine with MAO blockers at the same time.

Medication can adversely affect worksome systems and organs. From the side of the digestive tract, side effects (pain in the epigastric region, nausea, vomiting) are most often observed. In case of overdose or individual sensitivity to components, dizziness, mydriasis, drowsiness, accommodation paresis may occur, and intraocular pressure may increase.

How to take "Coldrex" in tablets?

The drug in the form of tablets is intended forelimination of the first symptoms of the common cold, ARI. Therapeutic effect of the drug due to the presence of ascorbic acid, caffeine, terpinhydrate, phenylephrine and paracetamol.

how to take koldreks in tablets

Tablets are able to cope with suchunpleasant symptoms like chills, sore throat, fever, nasal congestion. To do this, take 2 tablets three times a day (adults). His children are prescribed 1 tablet 3 times a day. It should be borne in mind that, as the main cure for coughing, "Koldreks" is not suitable.

Contraindications for the appointment are such ailments as severe atherosclerosis, liver or kidney dysfunction, epilepsy, thrombophlebitis, hyperthyroidism, acute pancreatitis, thrombosis.

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