If the throat hurts the ear, how to treat such pains?

Those who have never had pain in their ears, you canonly to envy, because this pain, sometimes, it is not possible to endure. Especially the case worsens towards evening, when you want to have a good time, but does not work, because it hurts the ear, how to treat without pharmacy drugs, without the slightest idea.

Ear diseases are dangerous because they always existrisk that partial or complete stuffiness of the ears will not pass, but on the contrary will go into deafness. Such diseases are innate or acquired. Congenital diseases of the ears are difficult to treat, often only with the help of surgical intervention, but a considerable percentage is accounted for by incurable deafness, or other ear diseases. With acquired diseases in this sense, it is easier to fight, their causes are infectious diseases, severe cooling, physical injuries or in the form of heavy loads on the hearing aid.

There are ways to solve problems, such asit hurts the ear how to heal, how to deal with this pain, if at the time of the disease there is no possibility to get an appointment with a doctor, and you need to do something now.

If shooting pain in the ear is not associated withcold cough, then help such a tool: 7 unripe poppy heads cook with half a glass of milk for at least 40 minutes, then cool to a warm state, and use a syringe to rinse the auricle with this decoction.

Also, ear pain is well cleaned finelycut and boiled in honey beets. This compress should be applied to the sick ear and keep at least half an hour. Decoction of the roots of sorrel well removes shooting pain in the ear.

If the pain becomes simply unbearable,comes seizures and is of a boring nature, it is necessary to treat such pain with the use of a calcined nine-silated root. It is ground and mixed with mutton fat, this ointment is lubricated with a sick ear inside. The cause of such pain may be inflammation of the larynx, and a disease associated with the auditory nerve, so at the first opportunity you need a doctor's examination.

If the throat hurts the ear, how to treat such pains? Treatment of the throat itself will not give a result, with pain in the ear in this case you need a comprehensive treatment. That is, in parallel with the use of treatment for the throat, you need to deal with and treatment of the patient's ear, otherwise the throat will not pass for a long time, and even the ear of special rest will not give.

So, if your ear achessore throat, then you can use this method: preheated vegetable oil (sunflower, almond, etc.), dip into the sore ear and tie the ear with a woolen scarf or scarf. During such treatment it is necessary to comply with bed rest, the slightest draft can provoke a great cold.

Terrible itching in the ears, aching ear, how to treat thisitching? The ways of fighting and with such unpleasantness can be found and successfully used by them. Earaches and itching can be neutralized with propolis tincture and walnut tinctures. These tinctures are mixed, and get a solution buried in the ears or make lotions.

If the ear hurts from a stroke, yes, plus everything from the earthe blood went off, then without loss of time it is necessary to close the ear passage with cotton wool soaked in a solution of boric acid. The ear should be tied, put the victim to the side of the bruise, put ice on the head or a cold compress and call the doctor.

There is such a problem, it is called deafness,it provokes inflammation of the middle ear in the acute stage of development, and the cause may be adenoids, chronic rhinitis and scarlet fever. Often this happens because the ear canal is blocked by a sulfur plug.

To effectively combat the described problemuse salted juice crushed horseradish, it is instilled in the sore ear. To improve hearing, it is also good to eat a fourth of the lemon together with the skin every day, after a while the result will already be noticeable.

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