Effective exercises to increase potency

increased erection
Sex - is an integral part of the life of the majoritypeople inhabiting our planet. He needs both men and women. But for the stronger sex it is especially important, because it is an indicator of masculinity. Unfortunately, failures happen to everyone - there is nothing shameful about this. There are countless reasons for this. The modern overly rabid daily rhythm of life, numerous stresses, adverse natural factors, malnutrition can eventually lead to certain problems. That is why a strong sex begins to worry about the question of how to increase the male potency.

A very effective way is exerciseto increase potency. You can cope with difficulties by various methods. Often, men immediately resort to medicines, although sometimes it is enough to simply change the way of life, nutrition, start doing gymnastics. However, it is worth mentioning that the first step is sure to be a visit to the doctor, in order to make sure that the problem is not associated with all sorts of diseases.

Erection weakening, as a rule, occurs because ofinsufficient filling of the penis with blood. Exercises to increase the potency are aimed specifically at supplying blood to the hip and genitals. Perform them regularly, making it part of the daily exercise. Only under such conditions they will bring tangible benefits. Here are some exercises for an example.

exercises to increase potency

  1. Everyone since childhood has known the exercise "bicycle", which is performed lying on the floor.
  2. Lie on your back, hands behind your head, knees bent. Quickly make twelve breaths and exhale belly. After moving the pelvis to the left and to the right, as if rubbing the coccyx.
  3. Step on the ground with a high knee lift.
  4. Standing on the legs bent at the knees, with maximum effort to strain and relax the buttocks.
  5. Also on the half-bent legs alternately tear off the heels from the floor. In this case, the socks must remain stationary. Do the exercise at the highest speed.
  6. Lie on your back, feet rest on the floor, knees bent. Raise and lower the pelvis.
  7. Lying on your back to strain and relax your muscles,located between the scrotum and buttocks, the so-called "muscle potency". Do it with maximum effort. Exercise is like a delay in urination.

The last exercise is most effective. By the way, it is possible to do it and sitting. This option allows you to practice at any time and anywhere, unnoticed by others.

how to increase the male potency
The above exercises to increase potencyit is necessary to use constantly, then in a few days there will be a noticeable improvement. But what if the problems arose directly in the process of having sex? Is it possible to quickly increase the erection? There are erotic exercises that are more like a prelude to passionate sex, and can be performed by any of the partners.

  1. The head of the penis is stroked over the vulva and clitoris.
  2. Tapping a member on the clitoris and lips of the partner.

Both exercises can very quickly bring the male dignity back to normal, and the partner will not even notice that there were some difficulties with erection.

In conclusion, it must be said that the exercises forincrease potency is better to use in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Then failures in alcove affairs will bypass the strong sex side.

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