Internal hemorrhoids: treatment at different stages

In proctology, many pathologies of the analholes, which in the absence of treatment are fraught with serious complications. One of them is internal hemorrhoids, which is an inflammation and an increase in the size of the venous nodes located in the lumen of the rectum. These nodes in the stage of remission do not manifest themselves in any way, but when exacerbated, they create a lot of problems for the patient.

internal hemorrhoid treatment
Internal hemorrhoids, the treatment of which depends onthe stage that the pathological process has, can develop against the background of various factors. So, the lack of physical activity, overweight, pregnancy, childbirth, constipation due to digestive failures, alcohol abuse, smoking, frequent weight lifting and other excessive physical efforts may provoke the disease.

Internal hemorrhoids: initial treatment

Usually at first a palpable discomfort diseasedoes not cause, therefore for medical help almost nobody turns. A person can experience only a slight burning sensation in the anus, and also observe minor bloody discharge after defecation. At this stage, the internal hemorrhoids, which the proctologist should treat, is not yet characterized by a strong increase in hemorrhoids and therefore can be cured by conservative methods. The patient is prescribed a diet, meaning the use of vegetables and fruits in significant quantities, abundant drinking. In addition, you should do swimming, gymnastics.

treatment of internal hemorrhoid candles
Neutralize inflammation and reduce puffinessvenous nodes called drug therapy. When treating internal hemorrhoids, use candles preferably, they will help eliminate pain and heal the mucous membrane. Along with special rectal suppositories, ointments can also be used. In addition, the doctor will prescribe oral administration of venotonizing drugs, which help strengthen the venous walls and prevent further increase in the nodes. Not one remedy for internal hemorrhoids is offered by folk medicine. So, the treatment of the disease is carried out with candles from potatoes, enemas with broth of herbs, tampons with honey, birch tar, sea-buckthorn oil and many other drugs.

Help in the progression of the disease

As the venous sites increase,symptoms of ailment. Burning in the anus increases, defecation becomes painful. With attempts during intestinal emptying or at any effort, the nodes begin to fall out, and after the termination of the load, they self-correct. In this case, internal hemorrhoids are treated and folk

remedy for internal hemorrhoids
The methods described above are no longerto overcome. More serious measures are needed, such as infrared or electric coagulation, laser exposure, sclerotherapy, latex ligation. If the disease has passed into a severe phase and the hemorrhoidal nodes have reached critical dimensions, leading to a rectum lumen barrier completely, only surgical removal can help.

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