Laktostaz: how to treat and how to help a young mother

The phenomenon, accompanied by the stagnation of milk,blockage of the milk ducts, is called lactostasis. For many women, an exciting issue is lactostasis, how to treat it and, of course, how to avoid this problem.

The occurrence of lactostasis is promoted by narrow(this usually affects primiparous women), insufficient emptying of the breast with increased milk production, which causes its blockage in one or several milk ducts and leads to pain in the chest. If you press your fingers lightly with your fingers, you can feel for some seals. Corking contributes to uneven milk intake from the breast or to its complete cessation. Painful sensations arise and when the chest is expressed, in which there are such seals. If lactostasis is found, how to treat it, only the attending physician knows, to which one must immediately contact, otherwise mastitis can not be avoided.

Causes contributing to the development of lactostasis, verya lot of. If feeding is irregular and rare, or if the mother refuses to breast-feed at all, milk stagnation is immediately formed. A large amount of milk and small lumens in the milk canals also lead to the appearance of lactostasis. The existing cracks in the nipples, bruises, injuries of the mammary glands - all this complicates the feeding and also are prerequisites of lactostasis. Also, if it is wrong to support the chest or squeeze it during feeding, the consequences will not be very pleasant. Close linen, squeezing the chest is not recommended.

Stagnant phenomena in the mammary gland more oftenare observed in primiparous women, or in the first months after childbirth. During this period, the child consumes little milk and this affects the lactation process. Inadequate emptying of the breast can be prerequisites for the development of lactostasis.

What is lactostasis, how to treat it, and mostthe main thing - how to prevent it, every breastfeeding mother should know. It is not recommended to decant milk after feeding, because there may be an incorrect reaction of the body, which perceives this as a sign that the baby does not have enough milk. As a result, milk will come even more strongly, and its surplus will appear, which means that it will need to be expressed continuously throughout the day.

It is very important to control the quantityconsumed liquid. Excessive use of it can contribute to an abundant supply of milk. During the first week after childbirth, one liter of liquid should be confined, including the first dish.

It is best to feed the baby at the first childrequest, preferably at least once an hour. This contributes to the gradual elimination of obstruction of the breast and the restoration of free outflow of milk. If there is pain in any one breast, then it is necessary to apply the baby more often to this breast. However, he may not be able to cope with the large volume of milk that remains, and then one can not do without expressing it. A breast pump may serve as a good helper in this rather complicated business. You need to gently massage your problem breasts and empty it with a breast pump. Then, with a cotton napkin moistened in camphor or vaseline oil, apply a bandage that will serve as a warming compress for the chest. The bandage should be well fixed and not removed within seven hours.

Sometimes nursing mothers ask themselves: if lactostasis was formed, how to treat it with folk remedies? There is a proven tool - cabbage compresses, for which you need to take 1-2 leaves of ordinary cabbage, a little knead and pierce with a knife or fork, and then attach to the chest (you can additionally oil them with honey). This compress should be worn long enough, after it there is no need to wash the chest, it does not spoil the taste and smell of milk and most importantly - very quickly helps to eliminate all manifestations of lactostasis.

In most cases, breast massage is recommendedwith lactostasis. However, it must be produced very gently and gently. It is advisable before doing a warming compress or warming the breast with a warm shower. Circular movements around the seal should be light. Then you need to go to the center of the nipple, in order to soften all the milk ducts, including those where occlusions have formed. After all the procedures you need to make a general easy stroking of the entire breast.

Strong warming compresses with lactostasis anddeep heating of the milk ducts is undesirable, since they can cause a disruption of the hormonal regulation of the excreted milk. And this also contributes to the deterioration of the excretion of milk from the milk ducts.

Remember always - at the first signs of lactostasis, there should be no delay in treatment, otherwise it will result in more serious consequences.

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