How to make sea buckthorn oil at home? We choose one of the ways

How to make sea buckthorn oil at home
Sea buckthorn is not without reason called a health pantry. It is higher in content of vitamin C than many berry-fruit crops, and the concentration of vitamin E in it is among them 1 st place. Contains esters of glycerol and higher fatty acids, other active biological substances. Interest in sea-buckthorn grows - all new varieties of this plant are planted.

Sea-buckthorn oil is a cure for many diseases. It is widely used in the treatment of burns, frostbite, eczema, psoriasis, various dermatitis, colpitis, anal fissure, cervical erosion, lupus. Successfully heals stomatitis, adenoids, tonsillitis, frontalitis, chronic rhinitis. Helps to expel stones from the bile ducts, liver and gallbladder, heal ulcers in the stomach and in the duodenum. Beneficial effect of oil inhalation with pharyngitis and disease of the upper respiratory tract. Rubbing the oil restores the scalp during baldness. It facilitates the condition of the patient who received the irradiation of the skin, is used in the course of radiotherapy of esophageal cancer.

How to make sea buckthorn oil
How to make sea buckthorn oil

Pure sea buckthorn oil is produced in industrialconditions from the pulp of berries by separating the juice, and then - from the cake and seeds, filling them with refined vegetable oil, followed by multi-stage transmission through diffusion apparatus using special technology. Mixing both types of oils produces what is used in medical practice. It is bright orange, dense with a characteristic aroma and taste. You can buy homemade sea-buckthorn oil in the market, but how to check what quality it has? It is better to cook yourself - so reliable, besides it's not difficult. How to make sea buckthorn oil at home? There are several ways to prepare.

Simplicity and accessibility of methods

The purest oil will come from the pulp of ripeberries by the method of direct cold pressing. It is considered the most qualitative. But it is difficult to get a lot of oil in this way. In the flesh of berries it is only 8-9%. Will try to process the mountains of berries. And yet, how to make sea buckthorn oil at home, let it be a bit, but highly concentrated? From berries squeeze the juice (through a juicer or through gauze), filter and defend it. The oil floats to the surface and is scooped out. Juice is used for food.

How to make sea buckthorn oil properly

How to make sea buckthorn oil at homemethod of extraction, using vegetable oil? At once it is necessary to tell, that for preparation use the refined oils - sunflower, olive, corn or soy. You can not use cotton, which many naturopaths do not recommend eating even in food. Here is one way of extracting (extracting) oil from sea-buckthorn. Dry the berries at a temperature of 60 degrees C, grind them into powder and mix with vegetable oil in the ratio 1: 2 (by volume). In a dark, warm place, this mixture is infused in glassware for 5 days. Draining the top layer of oil tincture, pour into the cake the same volume of oil as it was drained. And so do 3-4 times.

How to make sea buckthorn oil at homeSo, how do they do it in Altai? Seabuckthorn is harvested in November-December. From whole healthy and washed berries squeeze the juice through the juicer, after settling which collect the pressed oil on top (see method one) - the cleanest. Squeezes (grains and a shell of berries) are dried up to a loose condition. Then dry powder is poured into glass or enameled dishes and poured with vegetable oil, heated to 60 degrees, so that there is a thin layer on top of it. Put the mixture in the dark place for 14 days. After that, the oil is squeezed, sedimented and, if there is a sediment on the bottom, carefully drained from the precipitate. To increase the concentration of carotene, you can mix this oil with the previously collected compressed butter.

Now you know how to do it right.sea ​​buckthorn oil in the home, as one can not doubt. And the cost of manufacturing will take much less than to buy from a stranger.

Homemade oil, undoubtedly, is not as active as a pharmacy, but it, nevertheless, will have a curative effect, especially when applied externally.

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