Hand X-rays for diseases and injuries

X-ray is a special energya wave that can penetrate any cell of the biological body. The ability to penetrate such rays makes it possible to capture an enlightened area on the film, reveal a clinical picture and correctly diagnose it. The x-ray of the hands, feet, or any other part of the body is done quickly and completely painlessly for the patient. What is an X-ray?

X-ray of the hand


Radiography is a special survey technique,which makes it possible to notice in time any pathological changes not only in the bone, but also in the soft tissues of the body. Having received a detailed visual picture, having studied the data, the doctor will be able to diagnose, prescribe the right treatment, which, naturally, will speed up the recovery. To date, X-rays are considered the most accurate method of diagnosing and examining a variety of pathologies. In many citizens far removed from medicine, the X-ray is associated with a fluorographic apparatus. This is far from the case. Modern specialists have long used computer tomographs, which can immediately enlighten the whole human body and reveal many diseases. All the information obtained during X-raying, immediately goes to the computer monitor in the form of various "slices". Upon their reading, the radiologist will diagnose. Modern medicine has other methods for establishing a diagnosis, but it is not as accurate as the X-ray. Diagnosis by X-ray has a number of advantages:

  • High accuracy of images.
  • Contraindications for this method is not so much.
  • Painless. Non-invasiveness.
  • Fast result.
  • X-rays are used even in the treatment of oncology.

X-ray of the hand

Diseases and injuries of hands

Practice shows that most oftenX-rays of the hand are carried out with suspicion of bruises, fractures, other mechanical injuries. However, changes in bones and joints can occur due to poor nutrition, improper metabolism, and other factors. It is the X-ray that allows us to identify pathologies, to diagnose correctly and to begin treatment.

Hands of man - this is quite complexThe device, which is a very precise and delicate mechanism. As well as any other organs, the hands of a person are susceptible to any diseases, mechanical injuries. Brushes - to a greater extent. For the timely detection of the disease (arthrosis, arthritis, bursitis) or mechanical damage (fracture), most often resort to x-rays. Having received an X-ray, the radiologist will put the correct diagnosis, and then you can start treating the disease. Arthritis often appears with the deposition of salts in the joints, the fractures most often the patient receives in the home or in the workplace. Diseases of the hands are always accompanied by pain, so you need to establish the cause in time. Untimely treatment can lead to pathological changes, then you can even lose your ability to work.


Hand X-ray

Having been injured or suspected of having anydisease, every patient in the direction of the doctor can do an x-ray examination of any part of the hand. With the help of a special device, a picture is taken, according to which the picture, the nature of the pains becomes clear. With the help of this method, the specialist will immediately determine the cause and diagnosis of the disease. It can be arthrosis, osteolysis, arthritis, outgrowths and even necrosis of bone tissue. If a person has received a mechanical trauma, first of all it is necessary to address to the traumatologist who will give a direction on a roentgen. The test depends on the limb part, if you need an x-ray of the finger on your arm, then take a snapshot of the brush. They also produce separate images of the forearm or elbow joint. If you suspect a complex joint disease or a fracture, doctors recommend taking a picture in two projections.

Features of the survey

X-ray allows you to diagnose, identifyvarious abnormalities, pathologies in the bones and adjacent tissues. Apply this method for diagnosis of diseases of the elbow joint, nearby muscles. An X-ray of the hand allows you to diagnose the disease at the initial stages, this allows you to determine how the pathology affects the patient's body as a whole. It is important to identify which joints are already affected by the changes, at what stage the development of the disease.

where to make an x-ray of the hand

Rheumatic ailment is always manifestedintolerable pain in the joints of the hands. In this case, an X-ray photograph is simply necessary. The doctor will be able to identify the stage of development of pathology, set an exact diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. It is also very important to do this if the joints suffer from an overabundance of calcium and there are noticeable bony proliferation. In cases where the disease has not yet affected the joints themselves, it is possible to detect dense structures in the nearest soft tissues on the X-ray. In such cases, pathology is much more difficult to detect. The main diseases of the brushes are a thickening of the joints, necrosis of the bones, thickening in the soft tissues.

Preparing for an X-ray

Before any medical procedure, thorough preparation is required, X-rays are no exception.

  • Before the X-ray, the patient should be removed from theall metal objects, as well as jewelry. This can affect the result of the study, as well as further diagnosis and treatment.
  • It is also important that allbandages, remove the remains of iodine from the skin, replace dressing bandages with aseptic bandages. If the body has traces of sticky adhesive, then they must be removed.
  • If you need a picture of a gypsumfiniteness, to begin with find out, where to make a roentgen of a hand, whether there will be thus a doctor. He will give a recommendation, whether it is worth removing the plaster bandage or you can go through the procedure with her. If the cast was removed, the doctor himself should give further instructions.
  • An important point. If a woman makes a roentgen in the presence of pregnancy, she must tell the doctor about this fact. He will already decide how to conduct the procedure so as not to harm the baby.

hand fracture X-ray

X-ray of the brush

In addition to injuries, hands can suffer fromdifferent diseases. Often, many people do not think about preventive measures against diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis, do research only when it is required, for example, a fracture of the hand, and brush diseases must be identified early, until the initial pains lead to panic attacks. That the doctor could correctly diagnose any pathology of a brush, it is necessary to pass X-ray inspection. It will determine the degree of damage to the bone structure of the hand or muscle tissue. In joints with age, the deposition of salts can begin, the formation of microcracks, which lead to a violation of the fine motility of the brush. Most often on an x-ray the doctor can observe:

  • Bone tissue death.
  • Osteolysis.
  • Thickening of joints.
  • The presence of calcicates in a soft structure.

X-ray of the finger on the arm

Treatment with ionized rays

In medicine ionized rays are considered the mostan effective way of treating rheumatic diseases. Everyone knows that X-rays affect health negatively, but it is difficult to overestimate the health effect of small doses of radiation for some ailments. If a doctor has been assigned an x-ray of the wrist, while there was some pathology of the joints, it should be noted that with timely X-ray therapy, the patient can significantly reduce pain. Also, scientists have proven that properly selected radiation doses of ionized rays effectively treat rheumatic diseases. Noticeably, this effect affects the patients suffering from arthrosis of the elbow and shoulder joints.

X-ray in pregnancy

Sometimes x-rays have to be done by women inperiod of pregnancy. Everyone knows that this can negatively affect the health of the baby. Is it always necessary to do this. For example, if you need an X-ray of your hand in case of a trauma, can you cancel it? The doctor will make the decision. And when is X-ray examination really necessary? There are a number of cases this:

  • Suspicion of tuberculosis.
  • Symptoms that indicate pneumonia.
  • Injuries to bones.
  • Dental examination.

X-ray of the wrist

Influence on the fetus

The effect of radiation on the fetus is completely dependent onlocalization and radiation dose. Today's methods allow maximum protection of the mother from excessive exposure. However, such procedures are still held as a last resort. Everyone understands that even an ordinary X-ray of the hand carries a certain dose of radiation, there is always a risk. What are the threats to pregnancy:

  • Damage to some extent the central nervous system of the fetus.
  • Risk of miscarriage.
  • Complications of the course of pregnancy.
  • Deformation of cellular matter, DNA structure.
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