It is clear about Zinnat: the instruction for patients

This drug is an antibiotic, that is effectiveonly with bacterial infection. Therefore, you can not assign it to yourself. And it's not just a toxic effect on the body. If the dose is not properly administered, the bacteria will become resistant to it, which means that it can not be used against them. And you can infect someone with Zinnat-resistant bacteria. The doctor knows well for 6 years or more, it is the complex understanding of the processes in the body that allows him to correctly assign a dose.

What is Zinnat? The instruction gives the second, international name "cefuroxime". And this is an antibiotic from the form of cephalosporins, and the second generation.

Dose and frequency of admission are prescribed by a doctor ifyou will remain after the course of this medicine, do not share it with others and do not try to use it when a similar disease occurs next time, since the similarity is often illusory.

For how long do they prescribe Zinnat? The instruction says that for up to a week. If you feel worse or you have reason to think that the drug does not work, see a doctor immediately.

Take the drug only in that particularthe form in which it is registered. If the doctor has prescribed Zinnat tablets, they can not be broken or chewed. This medicine can be used only after meals. If you do not tolerate the drug in this form, it may be that the alternative is Zinnat - a suspension. The instruction indicates that in this form it is better perceived by the body.

If an excessive dose has been taken, convulsions and agitation may occur. Urgently call an ambulance and take with you to the hospital packing from Zinnat, so that doctors can quickly take action.

If you want to stop taking the drug, you need to know that you should not do it yourself. Consultation is obligatory.

Zinnat is not suitable for everyone. Who should not use it? If you had an abnormal (allergic) reaction to any drug-cephalosporin, then you can not use it. The doctor will see this in the medical history and just will not appoint you Zinnat. This is another reason to understand - self-treatment is dangerous.

How to store Zinnat? The instruction warns us that it is impossible to store tablets at a temperature of more than 30 degrees, and a suspension of 25 degrees. Incorrect storage may disrupt the properties of this medication.

What are the side effects? Increased growth of bacteria, which Zinnat does not work, pain in the intestines, irregularities in the blood system, loose stools, headaches, abnormal results of urinalysis. Less common is nausea and a rash on the skin. Very rarely there is anemia, jaundice and fever.

Zinnat interacts with some medicines. The decision on whether there is more risk from this than the therapeutic benefit is taken by the attending physician. Be sure to tell the doctor about all the drugs that you take (and BADs too). Especially often there is an interaction with estrogens and oral contraceptives. Therefore, tell the therapist about the appointment of an endocrinologist or gynecologist.

You have to be careful if you drive. Zinnat can affect the ability to drive transport, as it affects the central nervous system, especially if you are assigned a sufficiently large dose. As for your case, you need to consult a doctor.

There are no special foods that can not be consumed with Zinnat. The instruction, however, warns that it is necessary to drink this medicine strictly after a meal.

When pregnancy tries not to prescribe Zinnat,if you can choose a drug of another class. Therefore, if you suspect an "interesting situation", only a doctor can tell exactly if it is worth to drink this drug.

Most antibiotics have become ineffective against pathogens precisely because people use them for self-targeting. Do not contribute to this process. Consult a physician.

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