How to treat mastopathy?

Mastopathy is usually called benignchanges in the tissues of the mammary glands that arise as a result of hormonal imbalance. This disease affects women who are in reproductive age, and most often, women suffer from the age of thirty to forty-five years.

The causes of mastopathya bunch of. These include various inflammatory diseases of the ovaries, abnormalities in the thyroid gland, liver pathology. To provoking factors include breast trauma, abortion, irregular sex life, stress, bad habits.

To answer the question of how to treat mastopathy, naturally, only a doctor will be able to, since it is first necessary to establish the type and stage of the disease.

In case of nodal mastopathy, when to the breasta single seal in the form of a cyst or fibroadenoma is found, most often, surgical treatment is indicated. But if a diffuse type of disease characterized by multiple nodes is diagnosed, conservative therapy is most often prescribed.

How is mastopathy manifested? More often than not, women complain of dull pains and engorgement of the mammary glands before menstruation. Sometimes there are discharge from the nipples and swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpits. When palpating the mammary glands, one can find seals (one or several).

If you find yourself experiencing such symptoms, thenyou can reasonably suspect that you have a mastopathy. How to treat this disease? This is the first question that arises in women. First of all, you need not panic and make an appointment with a mammalogist or gynecologist. The specialist will conduct an examination and prescribe the necessary studies - breast ultrasound or mammography. If there is a suspicion that the tumor is malignant, then a biopsy is indicated. In addition, most likely, you will need an examination from an endocrinologist. Perhaps the doctor will find it necessary to check the patient's liver condition. Only after a thorough examination, it will be possible to answer the question of how to treat mastopathy.

Treatment is always selected individually. It can be conservative (hormonal and non-hormonal) or surgical.

How to treat mastopathy without hormonal usepreparations? Such treatment, as a rule, is appointed at detection of disease at an initial stage. Patients are prescribed the intake of vitamins, iodine preparations (after consultation of the endocrinologist and elimination of contraindications). If the cause of mastopathy is stress, then soothing drugs can be prescribed. Also, drugs are used to relieve the pain syndrome (eg, Diclofenac) and homeopathic remedies that help reduce the level of prolactin in the blood. As an additional treatment, phytotherapy and drugs with anti-edematous effect can be prescribed.

But, in most cases, when solving a problem,than to treat mastopathy, it is necessary to apply hormonal preparations. The purpose of such treatment is the restoration of the hormonal balance in the system of the ovaries-the hypothalamus-pituitary. To do this, use estrogen-gestagenic contraceptives, drugs that reduce the production of prolactin. Sometimes, the use of antiestrogens and androgens is required, but these drugs are used much less often because of the frequent occurrence of side effects.

In no case can you apply hormonalmedication yourself without consulting your doctor. Such self-medication can lead to very serious problems. And some women hormone therapy in general is contraindicated.

And whether there are recommendations how to treatmastopathy in folk medicine? As a rule, most of the tips are aimed at establishing a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended to be from bad habits, less to drink strong coffee and tea. Strictly forbidden to go to the sauna and sauna, it is necessary to carefully attend the solarium and sunbathe less on the beach. And to relieve the pain, it is recommended to apply compresses from raw beets, pumpkins or soaked rye bread to your chest. But, it must be remembered that such treatment gives only a temporary effect, it will not be possible to completely get rid of the disease with the help of these simple means.

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