Chance Collar: use in orthopedics

The Chance Collar is an orthopedicA device that is used in cases where the cervical spine is damaged. Sometimes it is used for the prevention of diseases of the spine, such as cervical osteochondrosis, scoliosis, displacement of the vertebrae, spondylolisthesis and others. The orthopedic collar of Chance supports the neck in the correct position, relieves the load from the vertebrae and limits their displacement with increased mobility. The device is quite simple to use, inexpensive and durable.

Chance collar

Advantages of a neck bandage

The effect of using the collar comes quickly. It normalizes the work of organs directly related to diseases of the cervical region: hearing, vision, nervous system, memory, and also reduces pressure on the vessels.

Violations of the vertebrae in the neck more oftenall occur in the elderly and middle-aged people. Usually this is the result of traumas in childhood or work associated with prolonged sitting, which leads to dislocation of the discs and manifestations of osteochondrosis or scoliosis. In newborns, such problems also occur and are manifested by torticollis. The collar is effectively used for strong fat folds in the chin, scoliosis, cardiopathic syndrome and compression.

Chance Collar - how to use

Chance collar, photo

When using an orthopedic bandageprovides a neutral fixation of the spine and a soft fixation of the head. The cervical region is the most vulnerable segment of the spine, so it requires careful treatment. Thanks to the special headholders of soft fixation, the device maintains heat in the neck and reduces pain.

By creating a dosed fixation and additionalthe soft support of the head, the Chance collar partially relieves the musculoskeletal apparatus due to the constant position and slight extension effect. In addition, bending (flexion) or extension (extension) is specified. All this should be done after consultation with a specialist.

Indications for the appointment of a bandage

The Chance Collar is recommended for:

  • moderate violations of ligamentous apparatus and cervical muscle;
  • osteochondrosis, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis;
  • slight instability of the cervical department;
  • Muscular, set-in calves in children;
  • myositis;
  • neurological pains of different etiology;
  • phase transition from rigid immobilization after trauma.

Questions about the terms of wearing, mode and removal of the device are decided by the attending physician. Usually the fixing terms are from 2 to 4 months.

collar chance for a newborn

Chance Collar for the newborn

Difficulty during pregnancy often leads tobirth injuries. The causes of such pathological conditions are such factors as narrow pelvis, poor fetal presentation, prematurity, complicated delivery, pathology in prenatal development and others.

A similar pathology occurs after birth traumasternocleidomastoid muscle, when it ruptures with a hemorrhage in the tissue. Sometimes such complications occur when using forceps and other traumatic instruments. As a result, trauma often leads to such ancestral pathology as torticollis. It manifests itself in the fact that in a calm state the newborn's head leans toward the side.

To solve a similar problem, you need a cervicalthe spine department should be placed in such a position that the abnormal inclination of the baby's head is eliminated. To do this, use the collar Chance, whose photo you see in the article. It is a kind of bandage made of soft tissue, designed to fix the cervical spine. Orthopedic collar should be installed so on the cervical spine, so that the chin is located in the recess on the tire. The back of the device is equipped with a fastener for fixation.

Therapeutic effect on the child

Chance collar how to use

Chance collar limits movement and unloadsthus the vertebrae of the child's neck. Normalization of tonus and warming of muscles are also provided. The device improves the circulation of the head, for which four arteries respond, two of them pass through the holes of the transverse processes of the vertebrae of the cervical region. Their displacement leads to a violation of stability in the blood supply to the brain, which provokes various changes in the functioning of the central nervous system.

Wrong circulation in babies canmanifest themselves by such symptoms as restless sleep, weakening of the muscle tone of the child's limbs. Chance collar is successfully used in orthopedics of newborns for the treatment of various pathologies of this nature. The children's bandage is made of a fairly soft but durable polyurethane foam. The material from which the orthopedic collar is made does not cause undesirable allergic reactions and inflammations on the skin. The dimensions of the device are selected individually according to the height of the neck.

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