Candles with belladonna. Instructions

Candles with a belladonna instruction refers to antispasmodic products of plant origin. The drug has m-cholinoblocking activity.

Characterizing candles with belladonna, instructionindicates the properties of the drug to prevent the stimulating effect of acetylcholine, reduce the secretion of sweat, lacrimal, bronchial, gastric and salivary glands. The drug reduces the exocrine activity of the pancreas.

Candles with belladonna lower the muscle tone of biliaryducts, digestive system and gallbladder. Along with this, the drug enhances the tone of sphincters, improves atrioventricular conductivity, provokes tachycardia.

When applying the tool, the pupils dilate, the outflow of fluid inside the eyes becomes more difficult, the intraocular pressure rises. The drug causes paralysis of accommodation (a focus lookout disorder).

Candles with belladonna are recommended for ulcer of duodenum and stomach, renal and biliary colic, spasm in smooth muscles of organs in the abdominal cavity, cholelithiasis.

Indications include atrioventricular blockade, bradycardia.

Prescribed candles with bellies for hemorrhoids, cracks in the anus.

The drug is contraindicated in closed-angle glaucoma, hypersensitivity. Do not prescribe medicine for hypertrophy of the prostate with an outflow of urine.

Candles with belladonna are recommended for rectal administration. Dosage - twice or thrice a day, one suppository. The maximum daily number of candles is ten.

When using the tool,side effects. Candles with bellies (the instruction contains such information) can cause urine retention, atony of the intestine, dry mouth, mydriasis, photophobia, tachycardia, dizziness.

When using the drug in elevated dosespsychomotor agitation develops. Symptoms of overdose include impaired vision, acute urinary retention. With the development of these signs should seek help from a doctor.

During the entire therapy, specialists recommend caution in dealing with potentially dangerous activities, including when managing transport, working with mechanisms.

When pregnancy candles with bellies are allowed toapplication. Often the drug is prescribed before delivery to relax the uterine neck, as well as to prevent hemorrhoids. Thus, the process of birth is greatly facilitated. In addition, candles with bellies prevent the development of various complications, both directly during and after childbirth.

According to some experts, the drug is notaffects negatively the state of the pregnant woman and the fetus on late terms. However, the expediency of using candles with belladonna is established by the doctor in each case individually. At the same time throughout the therapeutic course for the condition of the patient should observe the doctor.

Sometimes the drug is recommended in combination with the drug "No-shpa".

Candles with belladonna are contraindicated during lactation. If necessary, use breastfeeding medication should stop or pick up another drug. However, sometimes a doctor can prescribe candles with bellies and at feeding, weighing all the pros and cons in a particular case.

About this drug you can meet different reviews. In some cases, patients note the effectiveness of the drug, its speed and the absence of side effects. In other cases, the use of the drug brought only negative consequences. This suggests that the use of drugs should be agreed with the doctor. Therefore, before using candles with belladonna need to consult a doctor.

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