We are looking for an analogue of Espumizan: several tips for young parents

No mother will remain indifferent if her child screams incessantly.

espumizan for newborns
And all the encouraging phrases, like "Up to threemonths, all children are screaming "- can not calm down and force to accept the idea that there is nothing to be helped in. Indeed, the most common problem in infants up to three months, if there are no other diagnoses, is colic of the intestine. The most recommended and advertised drug in such cases is "Espumizan." Newborns are suitable for all parameters and instructions, whereas an analogue of "Espumizan" can not always be given to a baby, since some drugs have a number of contraindications, on Example, the age restriction, the number of acceptable methods, and so on. d.

The causes of anxiety of newborns can be very diverse.

But in the period up to three months, the main task of the baby is to learn how to eat and digest food. It's no wonder that the greatest load goes just to the intestines.

Espumizan newborn
So do not try and do it right away.Relieve the child from anxiety in the tummy - this will deprive the baby of the necessary practice for habituation and adaptation. Such excessive care will only make you worse by provoking others for the future, but more serious problems. From this point of view, the recommendation of many pediatricians is the most accurate. Its essence lies in the fact that it is not necessary to give medicines to newborns from the first day. It is necessary, as far as possible, to cope with the usual means of our grandmothers: stroking and warming the tummy, raising the baby after feeding, adherence to the mother feeding the diet and so on. Yes, and sometimes the baby needs to be yelled: how else can he learn to express his emotions and communicate?

But, I agree, there are cases when you can not do without medical help.

It is medical! Because, for example, dill Vodichka you can serve and yourself. By the way, the mentioned dill in this form is nothing more than the national analogue of Espumizan.

Analog of espumizana
But if the problem is much more serious, then withoutanalysis, diagnosis and prescription to give anything to babies is very risky. You do not want to make your child a guinea pig and check on it the action of all sorts of drugs? Only when the pediatrician prescribes medication for intestinal colic, it is necessary to ask what is best and what to stop on. Not the fact that you will not even try one analog of Espumizan. But if practically nothing will help, it can mean only one thing - the problem is hidden in a completely different place. In such cases, absorbents, probiotics or even complex treatment are more effective.

how much is espumizan
Another reason why young mothersare set by the search for analogs of the medication prescribed by the doctor, this is a tangible difference in price. How much does Espumizan cost compared to other drugs in this category? On average, the cost of one fl oon in 30 ml ranges from 250 to 400 rubles (in the Ukrainian market - 30-60 hryvnia). By the way, the analogue of Espumizan will not always be cheaper. A vivid example is "Infakol". But there is also a cheaper drug, the favorite of many moms is "Bobotik". It is worth noting that the composition of some of these drugs is almost no different. Therefore here the last word always remains for mum.

And in the end I would like to add that "Espumizan"is designed not only for newborns, it is also available in capsules for adults, there are just so many difficulties and doubts. Do not be ill, and good luck to you!

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