I wonder what will happen if there are bugs?

Each of us had at least once in my lifeturn out to be an unwitting witness to the "unpretentious" process of "picking your nose with your finger." And now imagine an adult who, without any embarrassment, selflessly engaged in eating hardened clots of mucus, which produces the nasal cavity of man. Somewhat disgusting picture, really ?! Each of us, especially one who has received a parental life status, knows that such a bad habit in a child, as the process of the cycle of goats from nose to mouth, is sometimes very difficult to eradicate, but with sufficient effort the probability of "healing" is 100%. Do you know what will happen if there are bugs? Well, "dig deeper" in the matter?

Physiology and irreversibility of the phenomenon
What happens if there are bugs?

So, a thoughtful human body is arrangedthis is exactly the way it is otherwise. The so-called snot in the nose is part of the protective mechanism, immunity. And the amount of mucus released is the result of a self-regulating process, conditioned by the general physiological state of a person. Our nose is a kind of filter that constantly passes through the air, keeping microbes, harmful substances, and at the same time fulfills the function of some kind of heating element. Mucus secreted by nasal receptors, eventually loses moisture, resulting in a solid mass of filtered particles of foreign origin. Question: "What will happen if there are bugs?" - can have multiple answers. Let's understand.

"Snotty" life is programmed by nature
Eat gnats

The fact is that it is exudate (snot) that allowsthe body resisting the invasion of microbes and foreign particles, which are sometimes the causative agents of allergic diseases and various disorders. Therefore, the presence of a filtering substance in the nose is an obligatory element at the time of the threat of "infection" of the body. After all, if the glands of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity cease to function, the person will have rather tight. So even a healthy body in all parts of the body, the presence of the necessary amount of mucus in the nose is simply vital. "Is it possible to eat gnats?" - a controversial issue. Everything depends on the quantity and quality of the "product".

How correctly to use microbes?
Is it possible to eat gnats?

Part exudate around the clock falls inThe digestive tract along with the swallowed saliva, without exerting a pathogenic effect on the body. But the fact that the body detains "uninvited guests" by itself, says that further penetration of "detainees" inside the body is highly undesirable. Perhaps this is a convincing example of the fact that you should not argue and impose your own rules of the game on the essence of human nature. Although ... what will happen if there are bugs? There is an opinion that using some of the pathogenic microbes in the form of exudate (sorry, snot), our body adapts and begins to produce antibodies. The more intensive the "training", the better the result. Therefore, given this type of "hardening" of immunity, the benefits of consuming rejected microbes are quite obvious.

And is it worth it?

On the other hand, it would be more correct to blow your noseor otherwise get rid of harmful "guests" who have encroached on the health and well-being of a person. To be more precise, neutralize the threat in its most harmless state. The prehistoric way of vaccination against diseases today is not relevant and devoid of any common sense. Of course, the logic of using the above-described option to strengthen the "defense" of the body has the right to life, but, you see, it is not a panacea and desperate commitment. The effectiveness of such a nasty method of strengthening immunity is negligible, and the side probabilities are an enormous amount, from harmless nausea to menacing symptoms of poisoning. So, eating gnats is not recommended!

What happens if there are bugs?
Force of habit

To date, it has become fashionable to say that,that in fact it is not worthy to be the subject of a conversation, let alone a topic for discussion. Needless to say, if we are not talking about the problem of habit itself and how to eliminate it. But if someone tries to instill in us the taste of far-fetched stupidity, then the reaction should be appropriate. Think about the question: "What happens if there are bugs?" Immediately, for some reason I want to answer: "There will be nothing and no one, since such a habit will give the right to people around you to consider you a homemade and have nothing to do with you."

Summing up

Let's reason with reason. If someone wants to use hardened snot and at the same time has the courage to express the important importance of the process ... Please! After all, everyone has the right to act as he pleases and pleases. But why "puddle" people with brains with a proposal to diversify their "menu" and expand the effectiveness of the diet of food? Let me note that the moment when someone dares to offer another "product" of a person's vital activity, convincing others that his use is useful and natural, is just around the corner.

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