Drapolen: instruction and useful information

Summer, sun, heat. In such weather, the children often get irritation, which is called diaper dermatitis. The skin at the place of contact with the diaper becomes red, swollen. Where areas of the skin rub against each other, there may be bubbles or peeling. Unpleasant symptoms in themselves can intensify if feces or bacteria get on the damaged skin. A lot of inconvenience to the baby causes a sweating. To facilitate the condition of a small patient, pediatricians prescribe the drug "Drapolen". The instruction contains information about possible side effects, so do not use the drug without first consulting a doctor.

How to protect the baby from dermatitis? Especially for this, the drug "Drapolen" - antibacterial cream based on benzalkonium chloride and cetrimide was developed. It heals particularly well those lesions that are caused by contact with the urine. With dermatitis, doctors prescribe the drug "Drapolen". The instruction should be attached to each package of the preparation. The drug includes: benzalkonium chloride, cetrimide. Excipients: lanolin, chlorcresol, cetyl alcohol, carmosein.

The drug is a good preventive anda therapeutic agent not only with diaper dermatitis. Drapolen cream, the instruction confirms this, it perfectly helps with small cuts, abrasions, burns, scuffs. The remedy can be taken with you to rest, to handle minor injuries.

On microorganisms resistant to an acidic environment, notEffective effect of cream "Drapolen" will be effective. The instruction warns that the main active substance - antiseptic benzalkonium chloride, is used in dentistry, ophthalmology, ENT-practice, dermatology, gynecology. Before using the drug, be sure to consult a doctor.

How to use this medicine? It is applied to a well-washed dry skin with a very thin layer. Usually it is done before bedtime. If the skin is already damaged, the cream can be used several times a day according to the schedule prescribed by the doctor.

For the treatment of burn wounds and deep scratches in vzoslyh drug "Drapolen", the instruction gives an explanation, as applied to a clean, dry surface of the skin, previously treated with a solution of furacilin.

Drapolen is produced in Poland by the company GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals SA. It is sold in laminated tubes of 50, 55, 100 g.

"Drapolen" - ointment, which is allowed for usefor the treatment of even newborn babies and elderly patients. However, you should know that very rarely lanolin or cetrimide, which is part of the ointment, can cause allergic reactions. They are manifested in the appearance of a rash, and they occur immediately after discontinuation of the use of the drug.

Not all mothers who used a cream fromdiaper ruffles, "Drapolen" like it. Someone complains about his sharp chemical smell, which causes sneezing in the baby. Others assure that the cream does not treat any diaper rash or other skin injuries. However, studies have shown that such reviews are few.

Other parents, on the contrary, note the high efficiency of the cream. What's the matter?

Like any drug, "Drapolen" in different waysacts on different toddlers. After all, the child's organism is a complex system that only adapts in life. Perhaps, in some babies, there is an individual intolerance to Drapolene or its components.

Pediatricians, having carefully reviewed the reviews, found that with the proper use of ointments or cream, in the absence of contraindications, the drug is still effective.

It is important to know that benzalkonium chloride does not toleratecontact with soap. Even if soap is present in residual amounts, the cream ceases to function. Therefore, before applying the cream "Drapolen" should be at least two hours after using soap.

The cost of cream "Drapolen" in different cities varies from 110 to 140 rubles.

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