How to make a prick yourself in the buttock: a description of the technique, recommendations and feedback

The health worker knows best howcorrectly to execute intramuscular injection, but there are situations when there is no possibility to address to the expert. Then the question arises about how to make a prick yourself in the buttock. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this, but you need to know some rules of the procedure. How to prepare, disinfect and choose the place of injection?

how to inject yourself in the buttock

Rules of mood and disinfection

So, the patient decided to carry out the injection himself. How to put an intramuscular injection in the buttock, if a person experiences an insurmountable fear of the procedure itself?

You can cope with this with a simpletraining on a soft toy. Do not be afraid of getting a needle in the bone or a large blood vessel. The fact is that the gluteus muscle is very large and thick, so making a mistake is almost impossible.

But that is not all. It is impossible to understand how to make a prick in the buttock to yourself, without getting acquainted with the rules of disinfection.

  1. First you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap (at least 30 seconds).
  2. Further on the table it is necessary to decompose all the instruments that will be needed for the procedure (cotton wool, syringe, ampoule with medicine, alcohol and a blade for opening the ampoule).
  3. It is advisable to use sterile gloves, although with sufficient hand treatment, this item can be missed.


It is not enough to know how to inject into your buttock to yourself. It is also important to learn how to properly choose syringes for injections.

how to make an intramuscular injection in the buttock

The ideal option is a syringe, the volume of whichwill be equal to the volume of the drug administered. Children's injections usually do not exceed 2 ml. Adults often receive injections of 5 ml. In rare cases, the volume may be 10 ml. The length of the syringe needle for the prick in the ass should not exceed 6 cm.

So, before you inject yourself into the buttock, you need to properly prepare and fill the syringe:

  • To begin with, it must be removed from the factory packaging and put the needle along with the cap.
  • After this, it is again necessary to make sure that the amount of the drug administered corresponds to the doctor's prescription.
  • Further, the ampoule is thoroughly wiped with medical alcohol.
  • After this, the blade must be carefully cut off the tip of the ampoule.
  • The next step is to set the medication in the syringe. It is important to ensure that the needle does not touch the walls of the vessel.
  • Having typed a medicine, you need to turn the syringe upneedle and tap on it with your finger. Thus, the air in the syringe will float upward. You can drive it out by gently pressing the piston. It is believed that all air will be expelled from space when the first drop appears from the tip of the needle.

how to properly inject into the butt itself

Selecting the site of the injection

How correctly to make a prick in a buttock most and to choose a place?

In fact, this is nothing complicated, and forThis does not need to understand the anatomy. It is enough to visually divide the soft spot into 4 parts: vertically and horizontally. Put the prick in the upper right square. It is in this place that there are no important blood vessels and nerves.

According to the patients' reviews, this part is less sensitive to the procedure. At the same time, pain with the administration of the drug is practically not felt.

Which pose is correct?

Before you inject yourself into thebuttock, you need to take the right posture. Without the right position to put the injection is unlikely to work. However, there are no precise recommendations regarding the position of the body during the procedure. The main rule is that the patient should relax the gluteus muscles as much as possible.

Since to make an intramuscular injection in the buttock withouthelp? To do this, it is best to settle in front of a mirror. Do not immediately go to the procedure. It is desirable before this several times to practice a syringe without a needle.

According to reviews, the most comfortable postures with self-injection of intramuscular injection are:

  • Standing in front of the mirror. In this case, the trunk needs to be turned halfway to see its reflection.
  • It is also convenient to put pricks lying down, but only on a hard surface.

It is important to remember that the muscle in which it will beput an injection, should be relaxed. If the injection is performed standing, one leg must be bent at the knee. Then the weight of the body and the tension will move to another.

how to make an intramuscular injection in the butt

How can I inject myself into the buttock? Technology execution

  1. The place marked for injection should be smeared with alcohol.
  2. Next, you need to make sure that there is no air in the syringe, releasing a drop of medicine.
  3. Keep the syringe strictly perpendicular to the skin. It is more convenient to hold the piston with your forefinger and your thumb.
  4. The second hand needs to stretch the skin a little around the injection site. If a person is very thin, then the skin is advised to collect in a small crease.
  5. After that, you can enter the needle. You need to do this confidently, strongly, but neatly.
  6. Then you need to slowly enter the medicine to the end. It is worth noting that there is no need to rush with the injection, but it is not necessary to delay the process.
  7. In conclusion, it is necessary to sharply pull out the needle and quickly apply an alcohol-impregnated swab to the wound site.
  8. If the site has remained painful, you can do a light massage. Massage will not only help the drug to dissolve faster, but also eliminate the possibility of bruises and cones.

how to inject into the buttock

Before you inject yourself into thebuttock, it is important to remember that some drugs can be very painful when administered. To reduce discomfort, you can do an iodine screen before the procedure.

Execution of an injection in the buttock to children

Also, some parents are faced with the question of how to make an intramuscular injection in the buttock to your child.

It is worth remembering that almost all kids are panic-stricken with any injections and are sensitive to pain, so you need to have special training here.

For intramuscular injections, the baby needschoose a syringe with the thinnest needle, and before the procedure itself you can do a light massage of the soft spot. Thus, the child will not feel pain almost and will no longer feel fear.

It is best to put the baby on your stomach. It is desirable that the surface be solid. If such a place in the house was not found, then you can place it on your lap.

If the child resists, it is better to askone adult to hold it. After the baby has been fixed, it is necessary to inject the syringe accurately and confidently as well as to the adult. You can not feel sorry for the baby and get distracted by screaming. Sorry for the child, you can break the technology, which will lead to unpleasant sensations.


how to make an injection in the buttock

So, how correctly to make an injection in the butt itself, has already been dismantled, but can there be any complications from such a procedure?

It is desirable to introduce vitamins and antibiotics slowly. If you drive the medicine quickly, then this place may remain a seal that will hurt for a while.

Also, an abscess can occur very rarely after an intramuscular injection. The injection site turns red, swells, and the body temperature rises.

Most often beginners make the mistake of gettingneedle in the sciatic nerve. This can happen only if the site for the injection has been chosen incorrectly. With severe pain in the first seconds, you must immediately stop the procedure.

Also, during the injection, the syringe needle may break and remain in the body. In order for it to be easy to get, it is necessary not to fully extend the tip into the muscle (about 3/4).

Helpful Tips

There are several tips on how to make an intramuscular injection in the buttock without help. They will help you quickly learn and make the process as painless as possible.

how to put an intramuscular injection in the buttock

  1. For the procedure it is desirable to choose modern syringes with a rubber tip on the piston.
  2. The syringe is intended for single use only.
  3. If an injection course was prescribed, do not inject in the same place.
  4. Ampoules with oil solutions preferably first warm up in hands or under a stream of warm water.
  5. After the needle is inserted into the muscle, it is necessary to slightly pull the piston up. If blood enters into it, then the vessel was touched. To fix this is easy. You just need to slightly deepen the puncture.
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