Fruit and vegetable diet: benefits and menus

Fruit and vegetable diet is a good way to lose weightquickly a few pounds. The best time for it is summer. This is due to the fact that during the heat the body itself wants to take only light foods, such as vegetable food. In addition, vegetables and fruits at this time are more accessible and saturated with the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

Fruit and vegetable diet for weight loss is divided into two types. First, when in addition to fruits and vegetables in the diet can include a small amount of dietary meat and fish, as well as cereals, nuts, seeds. The second type is more strict: only vegetables, fruits and greens are allowed. During the diet, an obligatory condition is the intake of a sufficient number of different liquids. It can be pure drinking water without gases, green tea, lean broths, soups. It is necessary to reduce salt intake as much as possible, but you should not give it up completely. Eliminate sugar and any other sweets. And, of course, smoked, fried, salted, canned, fatty food is inadmissible.

Fruit and vegetable diet is maximally maintainedseven days. During this period, you can throw off about five kilograms of excess weight. But it should be borne in mind that the closer you are to the norm of weight, the more difficult it is to lose weight. Success in the end also depends on your body. Someone in seven days can reduce weight by 5 kilograms, and for someone and two already will be a big victory. You do not need to give up and get upset, because the process of normalizing the metabolism in the body has already started, and will work to lose weight further, if you normalize your diet in the future. Do not break after the diet, continue to eat boiled, stewed, steamed low-fat low-calorie food.

Fruit and vegetable diet means four meals a day. The sample menu is as follows:
- Morning: lettuce, prepared from fruit and dressed with two spoons of yogurt, green tea;
- Day: not more than one hundred grams of pasta, rice, vegetables, a glass of juice;
- snack: 200 ml of fruit freshly squeezed juice, any fruit;
- evening: salad dressed with olive or any other vegetable oil;
- one hour before sleep: a glass of low-fat kefir or milk.

Fruit and vegetable diet is good because not onlyhelps to easily throw off up to five kilograms, but also does not put stress on the body, so if the correct diet is maintained, then the lost weight will not be returned. Well, if during a diet you will be at least a little exercise. The process of losing weight in this case will go faster. But you can not go to the other extreme. Many women, following a diet, begin to walk intensely into the fitness room, exhausting themselves with training. Limit yourself during a diet with reasonable loads. For example, such training will be useful: yoga, pilates, dances (oriental, Indian, strip), qigong and other similar practices. So you can not only lose weight, but also tighten the muscles.

To arrange a small three-day unloading is also possible with the help of a fruit and vegetable diet. As a result, you can lose up to three kilograms of excess weight. An approximate three-day diet:

1 day:
- morning: any fruit or juice;
- day: fruit salad;
- evening: fruit salad or juice.
Day 2:
- morning: fresh fruit;
- Day: salad from vegetables;
- evening: salad of vegetables and fruit.
Day 3:
- Morning: fruit salad, juice;
- day: fruit salad;
- evening: soup from vegetables.

Many ladies appreciated how effectivefruit diet for weight loss. Their reviews are so charged with a positive attitude that women who are about to lose weight with her help are sure in advance of a good result. Such a mood only further helps to cleanse the body of excess products and toxins.

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