Anti-inflammatory drug "Nimika": instructions for use

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The drug "Nimika" instruction describes howa drug included in the pharmacological group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The use of this drug has a pronounced analgesic and antipyretic effect on the patient's body. At the same time, the basis of the non-steroidal drug "Nimika" (the instruction to it confirms this) is the suppression of the processes of synthesizing prostaglandins, a significant decrease in the severity of inflammatory manifestations directly on the pathological processes, blocking the release of free radicals and stimulating the reversible inhibition of so-called prostaglandins of the E2 type. Among other things, this analgesic agent has an overwhelming effect on the aggregation of platelets.

nimika instructions for use
Produced anti-inflammatory andantipyretic drug "Nimika" (the instruction is always present in each package) mainly in the form of soluble tablets containing fifty or one hundred milligrams of nimesulide. It is this substance that acts as the main active element and exerts a pronounced analgesic effect. In addition, the composition of tablets that contain fifty milligrams of nimesulide includes a flavor with a banana flavor, and a hundred milligram of a fruit cocktail is a fruit flavor.

Take the analgesic "Nimika"the instruction for use advises for the purpose of carrying out the therapy of various inflammatory pathologies related to the musculoskeletal system, as well as the treatment of acute forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. In addition, doctors quite often prescribe this non-steroid drug to people diagnosed with "enteropathy."


For relief of pain symptoms withinflammatory diseases of the joints are also excellent tablets "Nimika". The instruction recommends taking them and during the treatment of fever of unclear etiology, migraine therapy and headaches, osteoarthritis, inflammatory processes affecting the upper respiratory tract. Finally, the use of this analgesic non-steroid drug is indicated in the post-operation period, as well as with injuries of soft tissues and the musculoskeletal system.

Appoint antipyretics "Nimika"the instruction categorically forbids patients who have not reached the age of twelve, as well as all those who suffer from individual intolerance to nimesulide. With pronounced disturbances in the work of the kidneys, a high level of acidity of the gastric juice and the presence in the patient of severe forms of liver pathologies, similarly one should not take this anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug. In addition, the manufacturer does not recommend the prescription of this medicine for women bearing a child. In the case of established ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract or peptic ulcer, it is also forbidden to use this non-steroid drug.

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