What causes blue circles under the eyes?

Blue circles under the eyes are a problem with whichalmost every person came across. Women are especially affected by this issue. After all, the beauty of the eyes for them is the most significant part of the overall appearance. The appearance under the eyes of blue circles is due to too delicate and thin skin. She requires a particularly careful attitude and careful care, which young girls are often neglected. For example, many of them use shadows and mascara of inadequate quality, as well as incorrectly and not completely remove makeup. All this in the future affects the appearance of the eyes.

So why can there be blue circles undereyes? The reasons are very diverse. Often they have an individual character and concern some specific characteristics of the body. For example, the cause of blue around the eyes may be a tendency to allergies. In this case, dust, wool, various substances that are in the air act as irritants. They cause tearing of the organs of vision, as well as the itching and irritation of the skin of the eyelids and the area around the eyes. This leads to dark circles.

Blue circles under the eyes can occur inthe result of a deficiency in the body of iron or dehydration. This is especially true of people who follow a diet that provides a fairly meager diet of identical foods. At the same time, the body lacks minerals and vitamins, resulting in deterioration of the skin and its appearance.

In some cases, blue circles under the eyes mayappear with a sharp decrease in weight. This is explained by the fact that when losing weight, the skin on the face hangs, bags appear under the eyes, and dark circles appear on their background.

Constant overwork, fatigue andsystematic lack of sleep - the most common factors that cause blue circles under the eyes. In this case, a person must urgently change his way of life. More time to give sleep and walks, eat right (a special place in the diet should be occupied by fruits and vegetables). After a hard day full of events, you should allow yourself to rest by taking a hot bath. For the benefit of light facial massage and alternating washing with cold and hot water.

In rare cases, they may indicate internaldiseases of the organs dark circles under the eyes. Treatment in this situation is mandatory. In this case, yellow circles may indicate the accumulation of bile in the body, reddish - allergies and any problems with kidney health, and blue - the result of impaired blood circulation.

Blue circles under the eyes may be due to a closelocation of the venous network to the skin surface. In such a situation, thin veils simply can not hide veins, so no folk remedies will bring the desired effect. People who have encountered such a problem can only mask the circles with special cosmetics or resort to modern laser therapy.

Natural is the fact that dark circles are notadorn absolutely nobody. Therefore, in order for them to be less visible, you should regularly do lymph drainage (or at least usual) massage, you can use bleaching cosmetics or try folk techniques. It is especially effective in the care of the skin around the eyes of a cucumber. Not bad helps from blue and milk. Also, the problem of fresh gruel potatoes copes well with the problem. It is important only that it is not a one-time, but a permanent care. Masks for the face in order to maintain its beauty should become the same mandatory daily procedures, such as, for example, cleaning your teeth and washing. Watch your beauty, which nature has given you, support and protect it, because youth is not eternal!

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