How do I inject into a member? Intracavernous injections

Injections into the penis to improve the potency is a panaceafor men who, after trying a lot of money, did not achieve a tangible result. Currently, this is one of the most effective methods in the treatment of impotence. In the process of intracavernous injection, the drug is injected directly into the male reproductive organ and has a momentary effect.

Depending on the etiology of the disease, there are different types of drugs to enhance the erection.

Injections to enlarge the penis

Indications for intracavernous injections

The introduction of drugs directly into the penis is used in cases of pronounced pathologies of a vascular nature, or in the ineffectiveness or intolerance of other agents.

Intracavernous therapy increases blood flow in thecavernous bodies of the male genital organ and causes sexual arousal without visual or physical stimulation. And the erection arises at the request of the man at the right time and for a certain period.

Injections for penis enlargement may be useful if there are the following pathologies:

  • impotence against diabetes mellitus;
  • disorders in the endocrine system, which caused hormonal failures;
  • various deviations in the vascular and urological sphere;
  • atherosclerosis of the arteries of the penis;
  • trauma of the brain and spinal cord;
  • premature ejaculation.

If sexual arousal is absent on the nervoussoil, intracavernous injections of the expected result will not be given. In this case, complex therapy with a mandatory visit to a doctor-psychotherapist is indicated. With all other pathologies, treatment can significantly increase the libido and return the male sexual activity.

In addition to the therapy of a wide range of diseases,injections of vasodilator drugs into the penis are used to diagnose erectile dysfunction. For example, injections are done during ultrasound of the penis, when a pharmacological erection is needed.

Preparations for injections

Currently, for the therapy of erectileDysfunction uses various medications of Russian and foreign production: "Edex", "Papaverin", prostaglandin E1, "Vazoprostan", "Kavedject", as well as their combinations - bimix and trimix.

However, the greatest prevalence"Papaverine" as a cheap, affordable and effective tool. Only a doctor can choose and administer a medicine for intracavernous procedure, based on the causes of impotence and concomitant diseases.

The injection of papaverine in the penis well relieves stresssmooth musculature of the penis, contributing to the expansion of blood vessels and increased blood flow. Sometimes the drug is used in conjunction with phentolamine and prostaglandin. The use of "papaverine" in practice has shown its high effectiveness in the process of therapy of erectile dysfunction.

Injections into the penis

How do the injections work?

After the introduction of the drug into the penisthe drug is an expansion of blood vessels and improving blood circulation. After 5-15 minutes there is a persistent erection, which lasts at least 1 hour. And the excitation is observed in the total absence of any erotic influence.

Injections into a member of vasodilator drugs are promoted by:

  1. Increase sexual desire.
  2. Persistence and duration of erection.
  3. Muscular mass gain.
  4. Improve circulation in the penis.
  5. Increase self-esteem.

Medicinal injections can be done three times a week to avoid persistent pain and scarring.

Intracavernous procedures are recommended for men with diabetes mellitus and blood vessel pathologies, since they do not increase blood pressure.

Prick in the penis

Preparing for injections

Before carrying out therapy with medicines, the patient must undergo ultrasound examination. This will eliminate the fibrosis of the cavernous bodies of the penis and Peyronie's disease.

For all patients at the beginning of treatment, aselection of the minimum dose of the drug causing an erection for a period of not more than one hour. Practical use of papaverine also requires strict titration, which serves as additional preparation of the patient for self-administration of autoinjections.

To determine the optimal dose,carry out at least three injections of the drug in a hospital. During this time the patient will understand what a prick is in the penis, how to do it correctly and painlessly.

For intracavernous therapy at home, you need to purchase:

  • drug for injection;
  • syringe with a Luer needle 0.45x15 mm (insulin syringe);
  • latex gloves.

Injections to enlarge the penis

Features of the intracavernous procedure

Injections into the penis are most often performed by a man alone. In this case, the patient can stand, sit or lie.

The needle for injection should be aimed in the middlecavernous bodies. Avoid head, urethra and subcutaneous injection. To do this, the syringe is inserted into the base of the penis at an angle of 90 °. Injection of the drug should be done in good light to reduce the likelihood of puncture of the venous walls and the development of bruising.

When using a Luer needle of 0.45x15 mm sheis introduced over the entire length. Thus the patient can be quiet - the needle will not go too deeply. Penetration of the needle into the penis should be accompanied by a slight resistance.

At the time of injection, a man can experience a slight burning sensation, which quickly passes. Severe pain and resistance when medication is indicated indicate that it has entered the subcutaneous tissues.

If the injection is done correctly, then afterremoval of the needle should not remain bruised or bleeding. In the event of the appearance of a hematoma, it is recommended to squeeze the injection site or make several massage movements to disperse the medicine. After 5-15 minutes, there will be an erection.

A prick in a penis how to do


Before the appointment of intracavernous injections, a complete medical examination of the patient is necessary. Pricks in the penis, like any other procedure, have a number of contraindications:

  • Congenital pathologies of the male genital organ.
  • Allergy to medicinal product.
  • Fibrosis of cavernous bodies.
  • Curvature of the penis.
  • Peyronie's disease.
  • Alcohol addiction.

A prick in the penis to enhance or prolong excitation should not be done by patients who previously had no problems with erection.


Despite the effectiveness of intracavernousprocedures, injection treatment is not entirely safe and can lead to the development of cavernous fibrosis or priapism, curvature of the penis, scars at the injection site. In rare cases, there is an increase in liver enzymes, which occurs in about 10% of cases.

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