Diet Helen Malysheva - a simple and effective way to lose weight without suffering

For those who want to lose weight,different options to do it, but one of the most effective is the diet of Elena Malysheva. The main feature of this slimming program, Elena Malysheva, calls the absence of any strict restrictions on food intake. On the contrary, the diet of Elena Malysheva is categorically against starvation.

According to the author Elena Malysheva's methodologyweight loss is very simple and consists in the revision of the diet itself and the set of consumed foods. It is only necessary to adhere to two basic rules.

Rule one. Absolutely unacceptable fasting in any form. Physiologically, our body itself is arranged in such a way that, with a severe shortage of nutrients, a "survival mechanism" is included for a long time. This means in practice that you can lose weight with fasting, of course, and even quite quickly. But at the first opportunity, when food starts to feed again, even in small quantities, there will be accumulation of nutrients "in reserve" in the form of fat. The body as it prepares for new hunger strikes, reserved for future use. Dieticians even have a definite term, which they call this state "the effect of bestowal," when the kilograms with difficulty are not only returned again, but new ones are added to them.

Rule two. Learning to eat right. It is possible and necessary, but in small portions and in the allotted time for this. The diet of Elena Malysheva means five meals a day. Of these, three are basic, and two are additional. This is the most comfortable mode, allowing lovers to eat well, not to fall into a state of shock because of the long "hungry pauses".

So, the morning meal at eight o'clock in the morning. The meal should include oatmeal, but not cooked, but simply filled with boiling water. Of course, before taking the dish, it is necessary to reset it to an acceptable temperature. In addition to a long sense of satiety, oatmeal helps to remove unnecessary cholesterol from the body. Add to the main food can be low-fat yogurt or, as an option, you can also use curdled milk with a low fat content.

The next second dinner call istwelve o'clock in the afternoon. This time, you need to consume the necessary amount of protein food. Optimum fit low-fat varieties of boiled meat (veal, beef), poultry (chicken, turkey), hard-boiled eggs, fish steam is lean. Everything should be cooked with a minimum amount of salt.

Dinner is not later than seven in the evening. Are used for eating any kinds of vegetable salads dressed with vegetable (soybean, rapeseed, olive) oil. To drink a supper it is possible only kefir with the low maintenance of fat. Supplement your meal with a boiled chicken egg.

Between these basic meals, you can insert two extra meals and eat a choice of apples, or as many tangerines. In extreme cases, they can be replaced by any other fruit.

To control the amount of food consumed, the dietElena Malysheva suggests using the calorie counting method. It is necessary to proceed from the average figure of 1200 kcal per day. Before using products, calculate their approximate energy value.

It should also be taken into account that with increasing physical loads, the need for calories is also growing. It is best to calculate the approximate figures with the help of a dietitian.

Particular attention is paid to psychologicalfactor. During the meal, there is no need to rush anywhere, and eat slowly, conducting an internal dialogue with the body, as if addressing it with the approximate words "Eat, I'll feed you well." This contributes to the fullest saturation and assimilation of food.

According to Elena Malysheva's own methodologyslimming is not only developed, but also tested by it for many years and has become a kind of healthy lifestyle. You can follow its findings and make it so that Elena Malysheva's diet will also become the norm of nutrition for a lifetime. But you can also partially return to the old style of eating, resorting to this diet if necessary.

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