Means of "Organometr". Instructions for use

The drug "Organometr" (tablets) is included incategory of synthetic gestagens. The medication provokes the transformation of the endometrium from the proliferation phase to the secretory phase, and helps to suppress ovulation. The drug has a contraceptive effect, due mainly to the gestagenic peripheral effect on the activity of the reproductive system. Due to the action of the medicine, the viscosity and the decrease in the volume of cervical mucus are noted, and the ability of spermatozoa to penetrate is decreased. The drug has a depressing effect on the transport activity of the fallopian tubes, lowers the implantation characteristics of the endometrium.

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Medication "Organometr". Instructions. Indications

The drug is prescribed for uterine bleedingdysfunctional type, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis. The drug is recommended in some cases of secondary or primary oligomenorrhoea or amenorrhea, with the delay of normal menstruation, and if necessary, to suppress ovulation.

Dosing regimen

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The medication is prescribed individually, in accordance with the indications and tolerability.

The drug "Organometr." Instructions. Side effects

On the background of therapy, it is likely that spotting fromvaginal or breakthrough bleeding, changes in libido (strengthening or weakening), diarrhea, jaundice, headache. The drug may cause weight gain, dizziness, nausea. It is rare to see depression, increased sweating, itching, a decrease in glucose tolerance, acne, nervousness, chloasma. Some patients experience soreness in the breast (mammary glands), blood coagulability increases. When using the agent as a contraceptive, a decrease in the cycle is likely, intermenstrual secretions, oligomenorrhea, increased pressure, pigmentation, fluid retention in the body.

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The drug "Organometr." Instructions. Contraindications

Medication as a therapeutic agent is notis prescribed for severe liver pathologies, severe itching, uterine bleeding of an unexplained nature, pregnancy, otosclerosis, porphyria. As a contraceptive, the drug "Organometr" does not recommend the instruction for the disorder of the menstrual cycle, malignant neoplasms in the field of reproductive organs and mammary glands, acyclic uterine bleeding of an unexplained nature. No medication is prescribed for ectopic pregnancy (including anamnesis), with profuse menstruation, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus in a severe stage.

Means of "Organometr". Instructions. Price. additional information

When pregnancy occurs during therapythe medication should be stopped. With care, the drug is prescribed for patients with heart failure, in depressive states, at elevated blood pressure (it is necessary to adjust the dose), with anamnestic indications of thromboembolic processes. If the medication appears on the soil as a contraceptive in the event of bloody acyclic secretions or oligomenorrhoea, organic pathology and pregnancy should be excluded. The cost of the facility is from 950 rubles.

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