Medication Relensa. Instructions for use

The drug Relenza is available in the form of a powderdosed for inhalation. The composition of the drug is zanamivir. "Relenza" medication instructions for use characterizes as a highly selective and potent inhibitor of the enzyme (surface) influenza virus. The agent has an effect in the extracellular space. Due to its activity, the reproduction of both virus types (influenza B and A) is reduced. In practice, there was no development of resistance to the drug. When penetrating the body, a sufficiently low absorption of the agent is noted. Absorbed when inhaled no more than 20% of the dose used. After about 1.25 hours, the maximum concentration of the drug is noted. With repeated inhalations, absorption is also insignificant. The drug is distributed along the respiratory tract. The drug is not metabolized, is excreted unchanged through the kidneys.

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"Relenza" means the instruction for use prohibits the appointment in pathologies in the respiratory system complicated by bronchospasm, with hypersensitivity, lactation, pregnancy.

Method of use

Medication "Relenza" (instructions for usewarns of this) is given only by oral inhalation. To obtain a therapeutic effect, use the device attached to the medicine.

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For the treatment of adults and children from the age of fiveappointed by two inhalations (5 mg) twice a day. The duration of the course is five days. On the day, the dosage is no more than twenty milligrams. To obtain the maximum result, treatment should be started when the first signs of pathology appear. For elderly patients, dose adjustments are not required. For preventive purposes, the medicine "Relenza" (instructions for use contains such information) is recommended for two inhalations once a day. The duration of the course is ten days. The daily dosage is not more than 10 mg. The duration of prophylaxis is increased up to a month, if the danger of infection persists for ten days.

Side effect

relenza instructions for use

Remensa remedy (instructions for usewarns of this) can trigger allergies, swelling of the face or larynx, difficulty in breathing, bronchospasm. To undesirable consequences include hives, skin reactions, toxic necrolysis, polymorphic erythema and others.

Medication Relensa. Instructions. Price. Additional Information

If the requirements of a specialist are followed, the accidentalan overdose is practically excluded. When a high dose was received, no side effects were recorded. When allergic reactions appear in the form of bronchospasm or edema, therapy or prevention should be stopped by contacting a doctor. Patients with respiratory system pathologies should have short-range bronchodilators as a means of first, first aid. In the case of psycho-neurotic reactions, the ratio of the further risk of their amplification with the expected effect of therapy should be assessed. The cost of the medicine is from 835 rubles.

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