The drug "Nicotinic acid". Instructions for use

The drug "Nicotinic acid", the instruction forapplication informs, is the source of this vitamin produced by the pharmacological industry. This drug has a number of effects on the human body. That is why it is widely used for the treatment of various kinds of diseases.

Pharmaceutical "Nicotinic acid" (instructions for use also contains this information) has a positive effect on the state of human health, namely:

  • metabolic influence, leading to stabilization of the metabolic process and normalization of the structure of neurons;
  • activation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • restoration of impaired blood supply to the brain and body parts of the patient (the drug is used both in the form of tablets and injections);
  • vasodilation, leading to the normalization of oxidative processes and oxygen exchange;
  • Cleansing the body of toxins (which allows you to use the medication to eliminate the effects of poisoning).

The medicine "Nicotinic acid". Indications for use

The medicament in question can be used intherapeutic purposes in the following cases: with atherosclerosis, ischemic stroke, osteochondrosis of the spinal column, cerebral circulation, pellagra, impaired tolerance to glucose, hemorrhoids. In addition, the "Nicotinic acid" (application instruction details this issue) is widely used for the treatment of circulatory disorders (localization - lower limbs), liver diseases, glitches in the process of lipid metabolism, obesity, alcoholic, medicinal or occupational intoxication, trophic ulcers , impaired vision.

For preventive purposes, the agent in questionUsed to reduce the risk of oncological diseases; to activate the process of fat splitting and reduce the level of intake of fatty acids into the body; in the presence of gastritis, accompanied by a low acidity; to eliminate manifestations of hemorrhoids; to improve vision and memory, as well as to quickly break down fat in the process of losing weight.

The use of the drug "Nicotinicacid "(the instructions for use include this information) should be carried out under the supervision of the attending physician. As a result of the independent use of this medication, there is a danger of development of undesirable consequences in the human body.

The drug "Nicotinic acid", the treatment of which relieves the above ailments, also finds its application in cosmetology. This is due to the following effects produced by the drug:

  • there is an expansion of blood vessels of the peripheral blood system;
  • oxygen supply to tissues increases;
  • the outflow and excretion of free radicals, as well as slags from the skin cells, is activated.

The drug is used in the following dosages:

  • when there is a shortage of vitamin PP, adults take two tablets three times a day, children - half the tablet at the same frequency;
  • to eliminate the consequences of ischemic stroke - one to two tablets up to four times a day or two milliliters intravenously.
  • with osteochondrosis of the thoracic or cervical spine - one milliliter intramuscularly once a day;
  • in order to improve the blood supply - one tablet three times a day for a month.

In order to obtain the maximum result withtreatment with this drug should be a preliminary examination of the patient's health status. The best effect from therapy is observed in the event that this or that unsatisfactory condition is caused by a shortage of this vitamin.

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