MRI is a modern diagnostic method

MRI - is deciphered as a magnetic resonanceTomography, this is a diagnostic method that allows you to put the correct and accurate diagnoses in various diseases. To obtain an image in this method of diagnosis, X-rays are not used, in spite of this, it is obtained more accurately. Harm in this method of diagnosis is not revealed, which makes it possible to apply it to children and weakened patients.

Most often MRI of the brain, which allows you to get a visualdisplay it in different angles and with great accuracy. Also MRI allows you to explore the spinal cord. This procedure is quite expensive, but it allows you to exclude the risks of dangerous diseases or cure them in the early stages. MRI is most often prescribed for suspected cases:

- Tumors of the brain;

- edema;


- abscess and hemorrhages in the brain.

The tomograph allows you to see not only the bones of the skull or skeleton, but also the liquid medium.

A person very often has such symptoms,which are typical of many diseases - the diagnosis of them is very difficult to put. It can be dizziness, headaches, loss of consciousness, broken speech. More often the analysis of MRT is appointed or nominated by the neuropathologist, the neurologist though the phlebologist can make it also.

Such an analysis can be prescribed by a doctor, but it can bepass and at will in a private clinic. It is important that the results of the images are viewed by a doctor with high professionalism and correctly diagnosed. This procedure lasts about twenty minutes, but it can be done for about an hour.

The MRI procedure can not be called pleasant. Although it does not cause any painful sensations. It happens that people with discomfort are experiencing discomfort with it, or they are just impressionable, since the head is placed in a closed space with rotating elements. If the spinal cord is examined, the body is placed completely in a closed space in the form of a cylinder. People suffering from claustrophobia should take sedatives before the procedure.

It is impossible to carry out such diagnostics to people withmetal implants, since the tomograph acts on them with a magnetic field. MRI does not require special preparation, and the state of health does not change after the end of the procedure.

Magnetic resonance imaging, as a method of diagnosis, can prevent the development of many serious diseases, therefore widely used in modern medicine.

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