Birch leaves. Useful properties and application

Birch is considered a plant of folk medicine menunique. To get rid of many ailments, you can use its roots and birch bark, kidneys and leaves, as well as earrings. Birch juice is especially appreciated. However, in fresh form it can be obtained only for a short time. But it is worth bearing in mind that it is the juice of the plant's leaves that feeds on it. In doing so, they acquire all of its healing properties. In addition, birch leaves are much easier to prepare. You can do this throughout the summer season.

birch leaves useful properties
Birch leaves, useful properties of whichare used to provide choleretic and diuretic effects on the body, differ in multivitamin composition. In this case, the treatment does not cause negative side effects. This is possible due to the content in the leaves of a minimum amount of resinous elements compared, for example, with the kidneys.

Young leaves of birch,produced before the Trinity, have in their composition a large number of volatile substances - phytoncides, which are able to rid of harmful microorganisms. Healing properties of harvested raw materials are preserved for one and a half to two years.

birch leaves
Birch leaves, useful properties of whichallow them to recommend them with a lack of vitamins in the body, used to get a vitamin drink. For its preparation a glass of ground raw material it is necessary to pour 0.6 liters of boiling water. After three or four hours of pouring, the drink is filtered. In it, if desired, you can put sugar or honey. Suitable for these purposes and juice, squeezed out of lemon. These additives will help improve the taste of the birch leaves. You can consume a curative drink, regardless of the intake of food and in any amount to quench the thirst.

young birch leaves
Birch leaves, useful properties of whichbeneficially affect the skin of the head and hair, are used to eliminate dandruff. For this, a strong infusion is made from natural raw materials. They rinse their head.

Birch leaves, useful properties of whichallow them to be used for bathing babies, have excellent hypoallergenic characteristics. Added to the bath infusion of this curative raw material is effective in eliminating diaper rash, while it acts on the child soothing.

Strong decoction of birch leaves heal the face(streptococcal infection that affects areas of soft tissue). It is also used to treat scabies and eliminate itching sensations when various rashes occur. In the infusion of birch leaves you can bathe children with chicken pox.

Folk healers recommend using decoctions,obtained from medicinal raw materials, to get rid of biliary dyskinesia, as well as in the treatment of giardiasis and cholecystitis. In this case, anti-inflammatory and phytoncidal, diuretic and choleretic effects are used.

Liver diseases are cured by a specialinfusion. For its preparation, a mixture of an equal number of birch leaves and St. John's wort is used. Infusion is shown to both adults and children. Widely used birch leaves when getting rid of edema, treatment of cholelithiasis, getting rid of acne, psoriasis and eczema, as well as eliminating calcaneal spurs.

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