How to recognize myocardial infarction symptoms and signs.

Basically, most of all patients who areone or another period of his life suffered myocardial infarction, the symptoms of which are characterized by severe complications of the psyche and the motor apparatus, speak of it as a terrible and very hard time. Pain behind the chest is often so intense that it can almost paralyze the will of a person. That is why, many patients had a terrible feeling of the approaching end of life.

Quite often this pain does not disappear afterthe cessation of various physical exertion, but begins to spread to the limbs of the arms and legs, the neck and jaw of a person. Such pain can appear as unexpectedly, and not to be quenched in a rather long period of time. So, if you understand in time what happened and try to immediately call the ambulance on the phone, and also take whatever is necessary in the current situation, you can significantly increase your chance to stay alive after myocardial infarction.

Now there is a huge number of differentmodern devices that can detect the signs of myocardial infarction and prevent a heart attack. It is especially important to know the myocardial infarction symptoms for young people, who even can not imagine that pain in the heart can be a life-threatening situation. Quite often, young patients simply do not realize or refuse to recognize myocardial infarction whose causes are often obvious. In addition, many of them simply ignore the appearance of pain in the chest, and this in most cases leads to fatal consequences.

It is worth noting that, in addition to chest pain, myocardial infarction is characterized by many different symptoms and signs:

1. very frequent shallow breathing in the patient.

2. Rapid pulse and irregular heartbeat of the patient.

3. Frequent and weak involuntary movements of the limbs.

4. Frequent fainting or loss of consciousness.

5. Feeling of weakness throughout the body, copious and sticky sweat, and regular nausea.

In women, myocardial infarction symptoms are suchthe same as in men, may later appear with a peculiar peculiarity. In women, the localization of pain may be more frequent than in men, for example, the upper part of the abdomen or back often hurts, and also regularly reduces the neck or jaw. Sometimes the appearance of a heart attack reminds them of the usual heartburn. It is in connection with such signs of the onset of myocardial infarction that women often underestimate or even completely ignore the existence of these symptoms, which can cause the most deplorable consequences.

Despite the fact that myocardial infarction symptomswhich is indicated in this article, is very dangerous, the instruments in most cases help in time to recognize the manifestation of this disease and quickly solve the problem even at the beginning of its formation.

It is worth noting that medical practice inshows that in almost 25% of patients who suffer from myocardial infarction, this disease can be completely asymptomatic. This is the most terrible and dangerous form of the disease, which was called "silent ischemia", and doctors call it simply "dumb heart attack." But the absence of signs and symptoms of the disease does not exclude the numerous damages in the heart muscle. And since there is no "alarm" for the person from the body, the patient does not know until the last moment about the development of the subsequent catastrophe, which will negatively affect his future life. So try every year to check your body every year to avoid 100% of the appearance of this terrible disease, and also to know its manifestations in time. I hope that this disease will bypass each party!

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