Means "Psilo-Balsam". Instructions

The preparation "Psilo-Balsam" instruction characterizesas an antiallergic agent. The medicine, having an antihistamine effect, blocks H1-histamine receptors, reduces hyperemia, swelling of tissues, reduces the increased capillary permeability. The agent exhibits local anesthetic activity. The drug has anti-allergic effect, quickly eliminates itching. In addition, the medicine acts chillingly. Thanks to the gel basis, the skin is protected. When used, it leaves no visible traces.

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The medicine "Psilo-Balsam". Application

The medication is prescribed for burns of the first degree,hives, itchy eczema. Indications include chicken pox, dermatitis, provoked by contact with plants. The drug "Psilo-Balsam" recommends the instruction for eliminating the reaction to insect bites, itchy skin of different origin, allergic skin irritations (except cholestasis accompanying). Effective means for sunburn.

Dosing regimen

Liniment is applied a thin layer on problematicarea of ​​the skin. The medicine "Psilo-Balsam" allows the instruction to slightly rub. The optimal amount of the drug is 2-3 grams. The frequency of treatment of affected areas is no more than three to four times a day.

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Side effects and contraindications

The remedy "Psilo-Balsam" (instructionwarns of this) may trigger an allergic reaction. Typically, this is due to the presence of the patient's hypersensitivity to the components. In connection with this, the remedy is contraindicated for intolerance. During pregnancy, the expediency of using liniment is established by a specialist. If necessary, to conduct therapy during lactation, feeding is stopped.

Means "Psilo-Balsam". Instructions. Price. additional information

The cost of the drug varies between 150rubles. In the medicine there are light fat components that favorably affect the skin condition. During therapy, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Experts advise also to refuse from the use of alcohol.

psilo balsam instruction
Patients whose activities are consideredpotentially dangerous, should refrain from performing work related to the need to show a high rate of psychomotor-type reactions and to concentrate attention. In the case of treatment of a large area, intoxication is likely. In particular, dry mouth, confusion may occur, breathing difficulties may occur. As treatment for overdose, symptomatic therapy is prescribed with careful monitoring of blood pressure and respiratory function. In spite of over-the-counter leave from pharmacies, you should consult a doctor before using the medication. In case of ineffectiveness of treatment, aggravation of symptoms or in case of undesirable consequences not described by the annotation, it is necessary to stop therapy. You should also visit a specialist. The medicine is stored at a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees.

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