The preparation is "Sinuforte". Instructions for use and description

The medicine "Sinuforte" comes in the form of a powderfor the manufacture of a solution for intranasal administration. Lyophilizate contains extract and juice of tubers of European cyclamen. Effectively, the medicine "Sinuforte" from sinusitis. The price of the drug is about 1500 rubles. The mechanism of action of the drug is based on the properties of plant components. The agent acts on sensitive receptors in the trigeminal nerve in the region of the median nasal passage. The drug provokes reflex production in the mucosa of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. Stimulated production of discharge from the nose is noted after 0.5-1 hour in accordance with the characteristics of the patient's body. Against the backdrop of hypersecretion, an increase in inflammatory exudate is observed, a change in the rheological characteristics of the secretion and the normalization of its viscosity subsequently. The drug "Sinuforte" (reviews of doctors confirm this) stimulates blood circulation in the nasal mucosa and its sinuses.

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The drug is recommended for chronic and acute stages of sinusitis, during postoperative and early rehabilitation on the basis of endoscopic interventions in the area of ​​the paranasal sinuses.

The preparation is "Sinuforte". Instructions for use. Contraindications

Do not prescribe medication at 2-3 degreesarterial hypertension, children under twelve years old, with allergic rhinosinusopathies, polyposic rhinosinusitis. Contraindications include intolerance of components. The "Sinuforte" medication is not recommended for use by patients with a tendency to allergic reactions in the neck and face area.

Side effects

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Based on the use of funds notedburning sensation in the nasal cavity, increased salivation and lacrimation associated with irritation of sensitive receptors in the trigeminal nerve. Some patients with Sinuporte medication (instructions for use contain such data) may have reddening of the face, headache (short). In connection with capillary diapedesis, a discharge from the nose, colored in a pale pink color, can form in the forehead. These effects are short-term physiological reactions that confirm the reflex activity of the drug, and do not refer to indications for cancellation of therapy. With the development of allergies, the use of the drug is discontinued, you should consult a doctor.

The preparation is "Sinuforte". Instructions for use

Sinuphorte instructions for use

Before use, the contents of thethe solvent is poured into the lyophilizate. After mixing, the dispenser is put on. After removing the protective cap, produce two or three test sprays in the air. With the introduction of medication in the nose, the head is held vertically. Irrigation is performed in each nostril once. Single dose - 1.3 mg. The preparation "Sinuforte" recommends the use of the instructions for 12 to 16 days when used every other day and 6-8 days with daily continuous use. Longer treatment is carried out only by the order of a specialist.

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